Vote Clegg. Get CLegg…

and the full panoply of Liberal Democrat policies.

These are designed to please the activists. They don’t appeal one bit to Lib Dem voters, of couse, but then Lib Dem voters have no idea what policies the Party stands for.

Conservatives need only publicise Lib Dem policies, and the LD surge is over. Clegg is over, just like his leg.

COMMENT FROM POLITICAL BETTING – apparently from a Lib Dem supporter

Dr Fox was on TV at dinner time, and he said he had never come accross when knocking on the doors, so many people that had not made their minds up on how to vote. He thinks it is more these people that are swinging the polls, and not the young ones.

These are soft voters, and I expect most will stay at home on polling day.

Idle thought – could this end up being one of the most disappointing elections going?

Not in terms of result, but how when push came to shove, most people ended up reverting to type?

by anonymous and dangerous April 19th, 2010 at 5:26 pm

It’s the pollsters oldest trick in the book, ignore likelihood to vote to get a sensational headline. Except this time Angus Read have joined in with the pack. They have been much steadier and credible with their polling output than the others in the past.

I’d back Foxy though. He’s been around long enough to see that the current situation is soft support. People are being sold an impossible dream, the chance to fall in love. Is it a one night stand? A holiday romance? Or something more durable?

Let’s see.

Surely Brits will be getting a bit more sceptical of media-backed surges, after seeing these operating techniques at work in recent years….assassations of eurosceptics like Thatcher, IDS and the like, coupled with the soft soap being applied to europhiles, Blair, Portillo, Brown, now Clegg and let’s not forget Cameron until they realised he was acting the europhile part (and still is to some extent). Will eurosceptic Britain wake up in time, or are we day-dreaming to totalitarian oblivion once more, first B-Lied to by BLiar, then Browned Off by Brown, and now clegged up by ‘Totalitarian’ Clegg.

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  1. Craig says:

    Looking at those policies, Tapestry – if I were a Brit, there’s no way I’d vote for the Lib Dems. Clegg’s affable manner doesn’t mean he would be a good or patriotic PM. Ken Clarke is affable too… but also a committed Europhile.

    As it happens I am following the UK campaign with some interest.

  2. tapestry says:

    How come all the slimiest shits are always Europhiles? Blair, Clarke, Clegg, Mandelson….

    I suppose it’s easy to be affable when you know the media are in support, and it’s hard to be affable when they’re out to get you.

    That’s the measure of how good Cameron is. He’s pretty affable while knowing the dice are loaded against him.

    The pity is that the eurosceptics don’t realise what’s going on, and they still think he’s a sell-out.

    Surely they get it, now that Clegg’s been let loose by the media as the new demi-God seconds before the election.

    Don’t they realise that only europhiles get deification two weeks before an election. And that they only do that to block a eurosceptic. If UKIP, BNP and all other national voters would back Cameron now, he’d still be in. BUt do they get it?

    Judging by the comments on this blog, they still don’t realise that Cameron has played a blinder to get the media he got, but now the europhile MSM is on to him, and are doing all in their power to stop him.

    He defeated Blair. He sorted Brown. Now he has to do it again – sort Clegg. But this time surely he deserves eurosceptic support. Don’t they realise that your enemy’s friend is your enemy, and your enemy’s enemy is your friend?

    I still hope.

    Nice to hear from you again Craig. Keep watching!

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