UKIP, Are You Listening?

From the Coir campaign E-zine –

As campaigning gets underway in Britain, leading up to the general election on 6 May, the Conservative party have published its election manifesto, vowing to take significant measures to preserve and reclaim as much sovereignty as possible from the EU. They have also vowed to “never” join the Eurozone.

In the manifesto, published this past Tuesday, the party reiterates its longstanding preference for an intergovernmental approach to politics in Europe, saying: “We believe Britain’s interests are best served by membership of a European Union that is an association of its member states.”

And this “co-operation, not federation” stance is supported by the policy proposed in the document. In one instance, the party promises voters that it will introduce a “sovereignty bill” which will declare that “ultimate authority” rests with the British Parliament, not with Brussels. And in another instance, the party promises to re-negotiate the opt-out “guarantees” they got from Brussels on the Charter of Fundamental Rights in the areas of criminal justice and in social and employment legislation.

Ultimately, on this question, the Conservatives are very clearly seeking to repatriate competencies already given over to the EU, saying: “We seek a mandate to negotiate the return of these powers from the EU to the UK.”

The Irish eurosceptics seem impressed, even if the diehards of UKIP are not.

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7 Responses to “UKIP, Are You Listening?”

  1. Quiet_Man says:

    You don’t get it, Lisbon is self amending, you don’t get to vote on taking back competences, you don’t get to negotiate opt outs, you just get to grin and bear it as 80% of UK legislation now comes from Brussels and only gets a nod not a debate from the UK parliament.

    The only thing that will resolve the EU problem is to leave it, something Lib/Lab/Con wont do, so wont get my vote or any UKIP votes either.

    Cast Iron Cameron blew it for you when he reneged on his promise, his fall from grace started at that moment and all you do is provide waffle on things you just cannot do anymore in the EU because they wont let you, it’s a done deal and we have been stitched up by Westminster.

  2. Sue says:

    If the Tories are so sincere about the EU then they should attempt to ally themselves with UKIP. If UKIP were part of the incoming Tory Government, I would be more inclined to believe Camerons “cast iron” promises.

    They would essentially keep the Tories in check. The only party I actually trust now are UKIP after voting Tory for 30 years.

  3. tapestry says:

    No Quiet Man. You don’t get it. Lisbon was intended to be self-amending. I agree with that. But the German Constitutional court has ruled that Lisbon cannot demolish the democracies on which the EU is based, and that there must always be national competences.

    This has changed everything.

    The EU cannot start bailing out countries in the financial crisis without a specific Treaty authorising the action.

    If Cameron were in power, a Treaty would be submitted to referendum. Cameron combined with the German Court ruling could bring it all grinding to halt.

    That is why the Lib Dem mania has been launched. They have to stop Cameron at any price.

    Vote Conservative.

  4. tapestry says:

    Sue, trust NIgel Farage and one or two excellent UKIP people, but the party is run by a single man who is far from trustworthy. Ask Marta Andreasen why she resigned, and ask yourself why Farage resigned. There is serious trouble at the heart of UKIP, which the media will not expose while they are pulling votes away from the Conservative Party.

    The EU doesn’t fear UKIP. On the contrary they use you.

    This election could return Cameron who would end EU rule one way or another, in combination with the German Constitutional Court which needs political support. We are the only country with FPTP which could deliver that. Germany is riddled with coalition politcs and is hopelessly compromised at the media-political class level.

  5. Robin says:

    Let`s get this straight. You say that Cameron is viewed by the EU and establishment as EUrosceptic.
    Then you say that they are trying to make him lose votes because they see him as EUrosceptic.
    So there is no point in the spiv Cameron pretending he is EUrophile, as they (the EU ) see through him.
    So why doesn`t he ditch this EUrophile stance and bid for the EUrosceptic vote, and get into power ?

  6. tapestry says:

    The hostilities between Cameron and the EU/media take place on many levels.

    Sarkozy was pleased that there had been no more talk of referenda, and was offering Cameron an olive branch only recently.

    Merkel will not meet Cameron, which is a sure sign that she fears any intervention he might make in EU politics.

    They might still hope he’s seen the light, just as you, on the other side, don’t normally seem to believe he has from your point of view. Politicians have to play the ‘benefit of the doubt’ card on many issues, pleasing both sides as much as they can….in this case sitting on the apparent EU middle ground.

    Their predominant reaction to Cameron is to fear him, and want him replaced with an open europhile like Clegg. If Cameron keeps his opposition to EU power silent, they feel a little less inclined to attack him.

    His job right now is to win the election. He has to play all sides, in any case.

    Only in power will we be sure he is as I say he is. But he will not jeopardise his path to power by picking a fight with the media over the EU.

    The desperation of the media to stop Cameron, using every trick in the book, is a good sign from our camp though.

  7. Robin says:

    You couldd say that about Clegg or any number of politicians viz ; they are not really saying what they mean, and that when in power they will be EUrosceptic .

    Ok , he wont as you say, pick a fight about the EU with the media (Daily Mail ? BBC ? ).
    It looks, though, as if the media have picked a fight with him, by your accounts , so he`s backing away from a fight he`s already in .
    Hardly any reason to fear him them.

    Pleasing both sides ?!
    He`s not. He not pleasing EUroscetics .
    So therefore he cannot have their votes .

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