Proportional Representation? LDs Are Pulling Our CLeggs.

There is much discussion on threads about PR and the claim by the Lib Dems that it would be a fairer system than FPTP. I wrote this in reply on one thread –

The Lib Dems will never want PR. It’s a con that they will continue with, until their bluff is called. Under PR they would be wiped out by the Greens nicking a large share of their support, and they would be sent into third place again by UKIP, as they were in the Euro Parliament elections.

Once FPTP starts working for them, all references to PR will be quietly dropped.

It’s an old saw, but turkeys don’t vote for Christmas, and if the LDs do make enough progress and start winning under FPTP, they won’t want to help all of Britain’s minor parties to take away what they have just got their hands on. Come on! It’s flippin’ obvious.

LD PR promises and discussions are a con.

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