Poll Rigging To Eliminate A 28% Conservative Lead In 18 months

On September 17th 2008, Ipsos Mori produced a poll giving the Conservatives a 28% lead.

See it here. a majority of 336 was being talked of.

Today’s pre-election polls are giving around 20% less than that at 8%.

Is this credible?

My guess is that by the date of the election the polls will be giving the result neck and neck. That at least, is the forecast of Labour ‘s election planners made before Christmas. And their predictions seem to have an uncanny knack of proving accurate.

April 13th – just as predicted, Populus gives a 3% lead here. Who will be the first pollster to give a 0% just before polling day?

Foul play alert for the 2010 election. No party can go from a 28% lead to zero in 18 months. It’s a sure sign that election rigging is about to take place.

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2 Responses to “Poll Rigging To Eliminate A 28% Conservative Lead In 18 months”

  1. lies damn lies and statistics….
    Read a little History, Canada, 1993, Polls and who got what was coming to them…. The Polls had it wrong…
    You put your faith in the Polls, you might as well believe it when a politician says he cares about you…

  2. Robin says:

    It`s just a natural turn of events.
    People say one thing then change it as a decisive decision is needed.
    Labour voters will say they aren`t voting Labour months ago, but will do so to keep the Torie out .

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