Polish Air Crash. Was It Foul Play?

Polish air crash opinion from a technical aircraft navigation bloke on Guido –

They could have transmitted a signal to disrupt the ILS ( azimuth/glideslope approach). Or just switched off all the nav aids at the airport. There’s a thousand other ways they could have done it. Be interesting if the cockpit voice recorder or ATC tapes ever see the light of day.

My reaction is that foul play is the most likely explanation.

Russia wants Poland buried in the EU, where it has penetrated agents deep into the EU bureaucracy at the highest levels, as Litvinenko revealed before his murder. Kaczynski stood against Federalism, for keeping the Zloty and has allied with Cameron to form a new grouping in the EP.

Poland must regroup and stand separate from the EU, but with Kaczynski’s death, the europhiles could succeed in closing off Polish independence more easily.

Putin is taking personal charge of the crash enquiry. That too is suspicious.

See Baroness Ashton And The Russian Secret Service for some background into other suspicious events which always seem to assist European integration.

UPDATE -James Fallows , The Atlantic – If this were an airport in the US or most of Western Europe, I could quickly look up an approach plate online and see what kind of “precision approaches” were available. The world’s busiest civilian airports often have “Cat III” approaches, which can allow an airplane to land safely (by autopilot) even if the pilots never see the ground at all. I don’t see any listings that show whether the Smolensk airport had instrument-landing procedures of any sort,*** but it is very hard to imagine that it offered Cat III, zero-visibility guidance.

and Over the decades, a wide variety of instrument-approach systems have evolved to get pilots in a position to land even if they have to descend through a layer of clouds or deal with other limits to visibility. But many, many airports around the world have no instrument guidance at all; in theory, you can’t legally (or safely) land there if you can’t see clearly all the way in. I don’t at the moment see any listings of what instrument approaches, if any, applied at this airport.

Yet the plane was allowed to fly in these circumstances. It shows at least a staggering lack of care. Maybe more information as to exactly which airport was involved (there are two possible candidates at Smolensk) and what landing systems it possesses will come to light.

The full Fallows article –

Donald Tusk, Poland’s Prime Minister, met Putin on the 7th April at the Katyn Memorial. He has been frustrated by Kaczynski’s use of the Presidential veto at every turn. Kaczynski was a nationalist, while Tusk is more favourable to integration of Poland into the EU.

Times report – Vladimir Putin, the Russian Prime Minister, had previously paid his respects to the victims – but had stopped short of an apology – in a ceremony on Wednesday with his Polish counterpart, Mr Tusk. But President Kaczynski, distrusted and actively disliked by Russian politicians, had not been invited. The pugnacious 60-year-old was determined to have his own, second memorial service – and died in the attempt.

Xinhua – MOSCOW, April 11 (Xinhua) — Russian and Polish experts on Sunday are checking the flight recorders from the crashed plane, on which Polish President Lech Kaczynski and other senior officials were killed on Saturday, Russian media reported.

Though another report says only two of the four black boxes have been found. here.

BACKGROUND – Vladimir Bukovsky gives his opinion as to what the EU is all about, including Russia’s role in it. here.

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4 Responses to “Polish Air Crash. Was It Foul Play?”

  1. defender says:

    WSJ seems to smell a rat in the kitchen too


    Poland Pulls Trigger to Weaken Zloty

    By Marcin Sobczyk

    In one of those rare moments of unity, the National Bank of Poland and the Polish government agreed on the need to weaken the Polish zloty, which over recent weeks has rebounded close to its precrisis strength. The currency’s strength is now seen a possible threat to economic recovery. After several verbal interventions over the past few days, the central bank intervened with real money Friday, for the first time in more than a decade.

  2. Twig says:

    I think the reds have also infiltrated the Tories.

    Ask yourself, which political party wanted us in the EU in the first place, and took us in without a referendum?

    Which political party signed the Maastricht Treaty and tried to take us into the single currency?

    I think Maggie was in a minority as far as the EU is concerned.

  3. Robin says:

    Which political party tries to take EUrosceptic votes but is led by a EUrophile ?

    Begins with C and ends with onservative .

  4. tapestry says:

    Which party was split asunder by Maastricht? and spawned offshoots like UKIP? All others are 100% sell-outs. The Conservatives have enough EU rebels to stand a chance of turning back the clock, and only the Conservatives.

    The Maastricht rebels are still in place. The europhiles are nearly all gone. The wheel is turning.

    Cameron is too clever to take on this issue directly, and as I write 100 times a week, is playing a game. We will only know for sure, which side he is conning once he is in power.

    My money is that he’s a patriot acting out a europhile role to keep the media and the system from frying him. No bookie has such a bet available. Maybe I should open a book. I’d clean up, it seems.

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