The Untruths Of Liberal Democracy

Cameron’s support can only grow in the next few days. As commenters are realising, it is LIb Dem policies which are the problem. Once people find out what they are, they don’t like them.

The Mail writes – Despite the progress made by Mr Cameron, the BPIX poll says Mr Clegg won the second debate. He is still regarded as more charismatic, honest and relaxed than his rivals.

However, now voters know more about his policies, they do not like all they see. Reports about the party’s support for an amnesty for illegal immigrants, scrapping Trident and releasing large numbers of prisoners have taken their toll.

This seems to be Fact number one of the closing phase of the election.

Fact number two is that a Hung Parliament is now viewed as ‘inevitable’ given the Lib Dem surge. But is that the case necessarily? The Conservatives are 34 to Labour’s 27, and the gap might be growing. If this lead moved three more points by polling day, there could be a lot less Labour MPs, to match the growing number of Lib Dem MPs. The show’s not over til the fat lady sings. The public doesn’t want a hung parliament, and may vote accordingly in greater numbers for the Conservatives after another week of consideration.

Fact number three is that if Labour and Lib Dem are able to block Cameron by forming a coalition government, the price of that cooperation will be PR. I am not sure I agree with this either. The Lib Dems would stand to lose more from PR than the Conservatives or Labour. If you take the results from the 2009 European elections, the biggest gainers would be UKIP.

PR would drive the Conservatives to far stronger euroscepticism, and a coalition between UKIP and Conservative might even hold an outright majority. The Lib Dems would lose a large number of voters to the Greens. Turkeys don’t vote for Christmas.

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Quote of the fortnight:

“On liberty, the Liberal Democrats are at their best…Strangely at odds with this is their warm embrace of the euro, the Lisbon Treaty and the European Union, which many of the same people feel is another kind of tyranny…Is it stretching the definition of ‘honest politics’ to change the party line on the EU, two weeks before a general election?”

Leading article, Times, 20 April 2010

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