Heavies Start Election Harassment Campaigns

Every day I click on my blog and each day I cannot get in. I key my password but it says incorrect. It’s happened three days in succession. I go through the password rescue procedure and get back up and running, but it is a bit of a bore doing it each time, and you worry if there’s some other reason than the obvious.

It reminds me of all previous election periods where I was active in writing or campaigning. Phones would stop working mysteriously. Non-existent emails would be sent to my friends as if from me. All kinds of general harassment.

There is an election in progress now.

The system is desperate to keep Nick Clegg ahead of Cameron, and stop a eurosceptic Prime Minister from winning power in Britain. I guess I can expect heaps more trouble, as can all other activists trying to stop Britain becoming the totalitarian state, that Clegg and his Euro chums would love it to be.

I will continue writing my message on here. I’m not even using my phone now until after the election, so they can’t tamper with that, and the goons they pay to follow you around will have to fly a long way to harass me where I am working.

Mind you, they followed me to Italy just after the election in 2001, which was shocking. They have large resources to deploy to stop activists from working against their schemes. Nothing would surprise me any more.

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