Guardian ”Volcano Is Cause Of Euro Collapse”!

It is always wonderful the way that financial reporting always finds a way to justify any price movement in a market from other news. Here is a classic –

From Open Europe –

Meanwhile, the Guardian notes that investors have been concerned at the delay in bailout talks between Athens and a visiting group of EU and International Monetary Fund officials due to the volcanic eruption in Iceland, sending premiums on Greek government bonds to a record high.

Hey, Guardian. Maybe Greece is bust, and lenders need higher rates. Or maybe even more than that, Greece has to get out of the Euro. If the volcano hadn’t happened, what would people find to blame for the situation, I wonder? I am sure the volcano hasn’t made a jot of difference. They have telephones, don’t they?

The fact that they need to reach for such a bizarre excuse tells you a lot.

Trouble is coming.

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