EU And Russia Blame Kaczynski Without Evidence

While Vladimir Putin takes personal charge of the Polish air crash investigation, ensuring no professional investigator can control the proceedings, the narrative for news-managing the crash between the EU and Russia is becoming clear.

With little or no evidence provided, the story is being put about that Kaczynski had a habit of instructing pilots to land planes when traffic controllers advised against. This is hardly a professional approach to crash investigation.

It is being alleged that air traffic control advised the plane to move and land at Minsk, yet no recordings have been released. This would not be difficult to do, if this allegation was true.

Another inaccuracy in European and Russian news reports is that they are saying the black box has not revealed any faults in the aircraft’s controls. What is not being admitted is that only two of the four black boxes are being investigated. Two of the four on board the flight were admitted as being ‘not found’ according to Xinhua yesterday. The one showing what the pilots were doing and saying in the minutes before the crash, is not mentioned in any news reports.

Here is the euronews report which runs the current news narrative. Whatever really happened is going to be covered up, and President Kaczynski blamed.

From yesterday – only two out of four black boxes are admitted to being found.

Xinhua report here.

Other reports (BBC) read – Russian investigators suspect pilot error caused Saturday’s crash, in which there were no survivors.
They say the pilots were warned they were flying too low just before the plane clipped tree-tops in heavy fog, as it was coming in to land at an air base.
Russia’s chief investigator, Alexander Bastrykin, said recordings of conversations between the pilots and air traffic controllers revealed no technical problems with the plane.

Why not release the recordings if that would clarify the causes and put suspicions to rest?

UPDATE – New York TImes – April 12th.

Officials have recovered the flight voice recorder, but on Sunday they did not release transcripts of conversations in the cockpit or the control tower.

Full report here.

The longer the release of the transcript, the greater the suspicion will be that it is not genuine. In such a politically sensitive situation, the recordings should have been released immediately.

UPDATE 13th April – An interesting comment below says that another plane full of journalists landed 15 minutes earlier at Smolensk with no trouble.

In this video from ITN shot later in the day amongst the smouldering wreckage, the fog is not that thick. Visibility is reasonable. The trees are small. The plane is completely broken up and spread around a sizeable crash site, which may or may not be consistent with a glide to its destruction. The fuselage is completely destroyed.

If link doesn’t work, here is the full URL

From the link in comments –

Sunday 11 April 2010 00:30
Since we posted this report, we have learned as follows:

(1): President Mikheil Saakashvili of Georgia has stated on a CNN interview that quote ‘something incredibly evil was involved here’ without elaborating or explaining what he was implying. The interview can be seen at this link:

(2): A close examination of the precise terrain WEST of the Smolensk-Severnyi military airport reveals that for an extended area, the terrain is DISTINCTLY LOWER than the airport itself, which is situated on a sort of plateau. The area to the WEST of the military airport is between 100 and 150 feet BELOW the plateau. In THAT case, the plane COULD NOT HAVE SCRAPED THE TOPS OF TREES, unless the trees were about 400 feet high.

(3): The investigation is being carried out under the supervision of Prime Minister Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin, a senior GRU (Soviet Military Intelligence) Officer. Since any preplanned sabotage would precisely have been organised by the GRU, the investigation has of course been placed in the hands of the perpetrators, which is standard practice in these cover-up operations, in both the covert Soviet Union and the United States: in case you didn’t know.

(4): An article in The Guardian cites a Polish MP who attended the memorial gathering in the Katyn forests, having travelled there by train, who claims that at the time of the alleged ‘accident’, which occurred just before 11:00 a.m., there were blue skies* over Katyn, which is located about ten miles from the crash site. The Polish MP’s remark is found at the end of the article: here’s the link:

• See also the following article in the Daily Mail:

The article also shows that three Russian boys heard an explosion before the crash.

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11 Responses to “EU And Russia Blame Kaczynski Without Evidence”

  1. man with a Polish wife says:

    Am earlier flight with journos, etc., managed to land there a mere 15 minutes before the doomed plane.

  2. tapestry says:

    so why don’t we read reports about that in the media?

    Can you give a link to a source, man with a Polish wife?

  3. bundsess says:

    From Christopher Story Global analysis.

    “• An aircraft crammed with Polish journalists landed just 40 minutes after the crash, and went straight to Katyn, as though nothing had happened.”

    Check out Every Law passed since 2000 is null and void.(including the Lisbon treaty)ha ha ha

  4. man with a Poilsh wife says:

    The main satellite channel is TVP (Polonia). The earlier arrival of the journalists has been mentioned repeatedly on both news bulletins and in debates. I apologise for not giving the source with my previous post.

    The same reports noted that there was a third plane (Russian) that ‘apparently’ was advised to detour – and did.

    Please also be aware that since my previous post we have been informed that the doomed plane did not make multiple approaches, just the one. And again, from the release of the Air Traffic Control tapes (yesterdayj and as aired/reported on TVP, there were no language problems. The pilot spoke Russian fluently and had even landed at the same airfield in Smolensk on the Wednesday prior, carrying Tusk, the Polish PM, for an earlier ceremony – in the same plane.

    There appeared to be an ‘actor’ in the first televised report from the scene saying that he had seen/heard the multiple approaches. Impossible, as there had only been one approach, and if he could have witnessed this then, likewise, the pilots could have seen the ground/runway.

    I, too, am confused by the almost news blackout in the UK media for an event without parallel. Is it because the ‘crash’ scene was devoid of seat frames (and bodies strapped in them) and of course any sections of fuselage whatsoever. Mysteriously, there was a picture of a few not very tall trees with their tunks and branches ‘snapped’ off on the very earliest TVP reports. Air crash records show that it is very rare for crashes on approach/landing to incur 100% fatalities e.g. many survivors at Kegworth, UK. How could the remaining fuel smother the broken up plane completely and then incinerate it when firefighters were close at hand? This was all except for one complete undercarriage that stood tall in the centre of the scene with its tyres intact and its struts echoing the sparse trees in the surrounding scrub.

    Finally, I would like to say that I am most impressed with the reverence which the Poles have handled the repatriation of the deceased and the attendant TV coverage – it has been very moving – the Christian values and traditions of a nation united in grief are to the fore.

    (all translations courtesy of my wife)

  5. tapestry says:

    thank you for confirming what we suspected, man with a polish wife. that is crucial information.

    The initial reports also said that the plane was a mile from the airport, but aerial photos show the crash site was on the perimeter.

    the plane was possibly shot down.

  6. bundsess says:

    The first two sentences here are crucial:

    ‘The effect of Letters Patent creating peerages can be changed by legislation which has that specific effect. It cannot be changed by legislation of general application’.

    Having taken their Oath of Allegiance to the Crown, some 900 Hereditary Peers (with the exception of a specified rump group of 92 hereditary peers) had the ‘effect’ of their Letters Patent ostensibly annulled by The House of Lords Act 1999, which was GENERAL LEGISLATION.

    However, as Baroness Ashton told the House of Lords on 20th September 2008: ‘The effect… cannot be changed by legislation of general application’.

    In standard double-minded fashion, Baroness Ashton then told the Lords that:

    ‘The House of Lords Act 1999 removed the right of anyone to sit in the House by virtue of a hereditary peerage unless they were specifically excepted from the provisions’.

    But since The House of Lords Act 1999 was GENERAL LEGISLATION, the ‘right’ in question, part of the ‘effect’ specified at the beginning of Baroness Ashton’s pronouncement, removed that right illegally, unlawfully and unconstitutionally.

    Global Analysis

  7. tapestry says:

    Is that a red herring? A plane carrying the Polish President and leading Polish nationalists is brought down inside Russia, and we go into a long story of Baroness Ashton destroying the rights of hereditary peers with the stroke of her bureaucratic pen.

    I guess there’s a link there somewhere, when I think about it, especially as she is well known to be a long term agent of the Russians.

    Cryptic or what? But the sense is all there, I agree.

  8. bundsess says:

    The above quote, is the nub of the issue as I see it. If Christopher Story’s analysis is correct, then the Labour government could be sitting on top of a Constitutional timebomb.

    The Lisbon Treaty could be affected, as the story implies that the assent of the House of Lords to it; is invalid as that body was not constituted legally. Peers were illegally deprived of their right to sit in the House, by Tony Blair’s govvernment.

    I thought that you’d appreciate it.

  9. tapestry says:

    I kinda follow your argument boundsess. But are we in the right thread? In the UK they illegally block nationalist representatives, while in Poland they are murdering them.

    It all adds to fair old desperation. How many more will they kill? The strategy will backfire, I think it is fairly obvious to say, unless Tusk can launch all his cronies by rigging Polish elections, including the Presidential election.

    But even then that will only stir up anger and hatred against the EU.

    As for the hereditary peers, well yes, we might have a constitutional issue, but then again Labour have broken every other rule in the book. Why would this one matter any more than not putting Lisbon to a referendum as promised in the 2005 election?

    Breaking manifesto commitments is not exactly playing cricket either.

  10. bundsess says:

    Suppose someone gets arrested for breaking one of nuLabour’s laws passed since 2000. Could they argue that they have not committed an offence, because the law they offended against was not properly enacted?

    Big trouble for the government. A government founded on the rule of law must abide by the law, otherwise the point of making laws is pointless.

  11. tapestry says:

    It’s a nice idea.

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