The Era Of New Labour Slush Is Over.

evil government in action

The action being brought against a Goldman Sachs employee by the SEC for misrepresenting financial products connected to subprime is long overdue. Its timing however, is having effects well beyond those intended. This action is signalling a cultural change, a parting of the ways from the Gordon Gekko ‘Greed Is Good’ world, that boomed the world’s financial markets for twenty years and more, to a new era where money will not so easily be allowed to dictate our values.

The Goldman Sachs news was the apparent cause of falls across stock markets, and commodity markets like gold and oil, and sent a cold shiver down the backs of speculators and believers that wealth lies just around the corner, easily accessible if only you listen to the words of some dubiously-appointed financial guru. If the gods of finance are to become financial criminals from hereon, it indicates that society is moving on. No one bothered how many lies were being told throughout the boom, as long as money was being made.

Is truth-telling coming back into fashion?

Is this the moment that the real world of industry – making, designing, servicing and selling comes back into prominence? Will peoples’ fascination with the money machine that rode high on the back of communication technology and dot com, now finally take a breath, and allow other more human values to be rekindled? The Ipad is not as exciting as the Iphone or the Laptop. Is the human heartbeat about to become the core of thought, and of feeling – not the next gadget but things that actually matter, fresh food, mental health, a cultural growth not of the wallet but of a much broader contentment. Will evil now be addressed once more, and not ignored if enough cash was being made.

Will politics take a step away from a belief in endless, magically created, slush being available to fund bottomless state spending? And will the bureaucracies and the Blair-like characters lining up to absorb the slush be sent packing to oblivion at the same time?

Living better on less. Saving and paying off debt. Doing things simply and without endless bureaucratic interference will be the key. It won’t only be Goldman Sachs that falls from grace. The international structures that have sprawled for the last thirty years to become monolithic unaffordable blocks on human progress will also be chipped away at. The EU. The Euro to the fore.

No wonder the Russians decide it is the right moment to kill all of Poland’s nationalist and democratic leadership. The corrupt edifices that they have penetrated and control of, are as vulnerable to collapse from the coming economic downturn as the Soviet Union ever was. They know it and want the clock put back. The good in mankind will have a chance to breathe once more, and the evil blood-suckers who have sat astride an empire of deception to achieve undreamed of heights, are becoming vicious in the defence of what they will now lose.

Just as Goldman Sachs could walk on water not long ago, and sell total garbage by the billion and the trillion to uncritical investors, shoring up the powerful who willingly turned a blind eye to what was going on, the nakedness of the world’s puny emperors is now all too apparent. A ship is sunk in Korea. A plane shot down in Russia. Goldman Sachs being made to admit their deceits. It’s all one and the same. The old is being thrown out to make way for the new. These are all symptoms, not causes.

In Britain, too, the changes are gradually becoming apparent. Messrs Blair and Brown, you can take your slush with you, and go. Cameron is building his appeal not on the promise of the impossible, but on the simple practical and unglamorous fact that deceit, debt and the bureaucracy that feeds on them, are due to be sent packing. The people are ready. The evil of the Blair ‘we know what’s best for you’ while robbing you blind era is ready to crumble. These are evil men, as the video at the top, of Blair admitting how he sees his own godlike role over his people shows. There was no limit to their total arrogance, until the day Goldman Sachs were shown to be mere humans after all.

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  1. Twig says:

    If you ever wondered why on earth Brown sold our gold reserves after first depressing the market by pre-announcing the sale, then wonder no more.

    It appears that Goldman Sachs were trying to cover a short position in gold, and for them Gordon’s actions were just what the doctor ordered.

    Have a look at the comments on this posting from Guido

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