Cameron’s Enjoying This Election

He’s finding his style, his themes and is powering up, speeding up, firing up.
One theme I like is –

The politicians have forgotten that the public are the masters, and not the servants.
So true of Labour and also of their bullying state employees attacking small businesses all over the country. Public servants should be that – public servants. Under Brown they have created a Police State which needs dismantling.

He says You will only be sure of change with The Conservatives. Any other vote and you could end up with a Hung Parliament, and endless indecision
Also true. But even worse than that. We will be unable to defend ourselves from the EU, and other outside powers seeing our political weakness.

It’s good stuff. Gordon Brown gets Elvis to sing The Wonder Of You about himself. Cameron sings the same tune and applies it to the people. Here are the new positive message posters matching the talk.

National Citizen Service for 16 year olds.
Get rid of ID Cards
Social security payments to require work.
Discipline To Be Put Back Into Schools.
Get all the cancer drugs we need.

Add it all together. You get David Cameron’s Big Society

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13 Responses to “Cameron’s Enjoying This Election”

  1. Tap,

    The geek is saying much the same thing.

    But I am loathe to vote for them because they won’t get us out of the EU.

    I like what he is saying but words are cheap. We now all know that election pledges/manifesto promises are worthless.


  2. Are you daft?

    You say “The politicians have forgotten that the public are the masters, and not the servants.”

    “Lets enslave 16 year olds”.

    See a doctor, you have a massive case of cognitive dissonance.

  3. tapestry says:

    Thanks, ACO. Can you recommend a good one? It’s been a problem I’ve suffered from for years.

    Except ask 16 year olds what they think, first. Slavery may not be all bad compared to no connection with the local community, coupled with a diet of computer games and soft drugs. Just a thought.

    Captain Ranty, you are right that certainty is not part of life, but discounting all value to nil is too strong. TO fear is normal. To decide that what you fear is true to happen in every case, might be to assist your enemy to defeat you.

    Risk is the essence of the case. Your gambling instincts are not necessarily right. It must pay to trust until demonstrated not be worthwhile.

    Even then Cameron could be removed by internal coup d”etat if necessary. It is better to have a chance (or two) of a win than the certainty of defeat by Clegg or Brown.

    Look for the balance between hope and fear. Don’t be a mug but weigh the strategic options. Cameron has to be worth a try.

  4. Stuart Fairney says:

    “Let’s have National Citizen Service for 16 year olds”

    Let’s not ~ this is exactly the kind of patrician nonsense I have come to expect from people who regard themselves as the masters despite the temporary rhetoric. Cameron doesn’t own my son, he is not available to be taken into nice cosy slavery if he doesn’t break any laws. “Out of my cold dead hand”

  5. tapestry says:

    Is this voluntary for the most part?

    If your son wants to do it, would you stop him?

  6. Voluntary? So who’s paying for all this?

  7. tapestry says:

    good question. details are not easy to obtain at this stage. maybe it’s an attempt to flesh out The Big Society, by trying ti find a way to make young people feel less alienated.

  8. Robin says:

    So the spiv Cameron is talking about a “Big Society” , meanwhile allowing our taxes to be increased to pay for this Big Project – the EU.

  9. tapestry says:

    The Big Society is actually the opposite. Reducing the costs of running the state, by allowing responsibility to be handled locally.

  10. Robin says:

    Reducing the costs of running the state in order to pay more to other countries ?!?

    Madness .

    Yet this is a normal Tory policy. Under John Major he said that UK hauliers could afford to pay taxes in other countries because our social costs were lower .

    Looks like the country might as well be occupied by a foreign power if the Tories get in.

  11. tapestry says:

    John Major and David Cameron are the same in all things? That’s news, Robin.

    Major was the most europhile leader since Heath. That’s nearly twenty years ago. Things do move on slowly but surely. Cameron is far more aware than Major of the dangers of sacrificing our right to govern ourselves for dubious benefit.

    German resistance to EU power is growing. Poland’s has just been annihilated by a most convenient air crash. Cameron is holding his sceptic line in the face of great danger. Give him a little credit.

  12. Robin says:

    The spiv Cameron is following the Major line more than the Thatcher line.
    Where has he said that we cannot afford the extra increase in our contributions to the EU ?

    He can have credit when he`e creditworthty, and at present the spiv isn`t .

  13. tapestry says:

    I enjoy your arguments Robin, and most are good, but could you find a way to avoid the ‘name-calling’ spiv thing? It’s a bit repetitive, and not a helpful phrase. I’m getting a bit tired of it.

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