UK Government Breaks Faith With Its People

For years the world has known that Britain is unique is its determination to keep tabs on its citizens. No other country in the world has permitted its Police to place CCTV cameras over every street to observe its citizens behaviour.

That use of technology to cramp freedoms could be justified to some extent from the extra safety it offers people on the country’s streets from criminal attack, although a more effective deterrent to criminals would be the possibility of more severe punishment than they currently expect to receive with gaols full to bursting, and the CPS unwilling even to bring prosecutions.

But that intrusion on peoples’ liberty, the use of CCTV, is at least out in the public domain. If you want to go somewhere private, you still can.

But the E-Care State Spying System is an altogether different animal. This takes state supervision of behaviour from out on the streets right into the home, and into the doctor’s surgery, the most private places in a person’s life. The cameras on the streets recreate an honest image of people’s movements, but the E-Care recording of our home lives, our foibles, inadequacies, indeed our very humanity is far more sinister.

All the information being recorded will be placed on file by government employees, working within a strict world-view which is acceptable to government. This will inevitably be political in nature. They will be working to targets. IF each state employee does not find families which require state intervention, then how will they justify their existence? If one District Nurse in league with Social Workers and Police is breaking up ten families a year, and getting bonuses on the strength of it, then her colleagues will become envious and seek to break up more families in turn.

If anyone thinks this is scaremongering, they should bear in mind that central government pays target bonuses each year to local authorities based on them hitting the necessary targets for children being removed from their families, and so far 25,000 a year are being so removed.

There will no doubt be some cases where that is right, but the numbers removed by the state, and the large sums of money being earned by Lawyers, Consultants and Children’s Homes have created an unstoppable industry, estimated at a value of £20 billion a year, according to one source, with Children’s Home places alone costing £7000 a week.

These children are removed from their families in secret in Family Courts where reporting is not allowed. Any parents who try to publicise the seizure of their children by the State are met with threats and ultimately imprisoned. Two hundred are so imprisoned each year.

Where can this industry be stopped? How can its pearls of propaganda such as ‘helping vulnerble children’ be challenged. And even more than that, how can any citizen of this country trust a government which instructs its employees to collect private information on its citizens from all sources to a central database, where their lives, not as they truly are, but as reported by state employees, loyal to a political creed of ‘government knows best’, can be monitored.

The fact is that we all know another truth. Government doesn’t know best. It makes endless messes of nearly everything single thing it ever does. Its role should be reduced, not extended. The excision of the role of central government from our lives, and from targeting the removal of our children, is urgently required before this apparatus of totalitarian paedophilia, paedophilia now a sexual orientation protected from discrimination equally with homosexuality by the Lisbon Treaty, is successfully put in place. Paedophiles who attack children are no longer automatically jailed.

Brian Gerrish in the video above (and nine others in sequence) has assembled truly shocking evidence of what is happening to British families and children at the hands of their own Government. The E-Care State Spying System will merely accelerate and enlarge the scale of this unending nightmare.

It Gets Worse –

Daily Express

Europol has also been absorbed into the EU superstructure, so it will be centrally funded, sweeping away a key check on its independence.
Campaigners last night expressed concern over the vague list of “serious crimes” which the agency can help investigate, which include racism and xenophobia, environmental crime and corruption. Among personal details that can be gathered and stored are “behavioural data” including “lifestyle and routine; movements; places frequented”, tax position and profiles of DNA and voice.
Where relevant, Europol will also be able to keep data on a person’s “political opinions, religious or philosophical beliefs or trade union membership and data concerning health or sex life”.
Sean Gabb, director of the Libertarian Alliance, warned that it threatened our right to free speech.
“It doesn’t surprise me that Europol has been handed these rather frightening powers,” he said. “We now live in a pan-European state so it was to be expected that it would have a federal police force with powers over us.
“There is a real danger that opposition to EU policies could make an individual liable to arrest.
“For example, if Brussels adopts a hard-line stance on climate change, it’s conceivable that someone who broadcasts their scepticism of climate change may be accused of committing an environmental crime because they have undermined the EU’s efforts to save mankind.”

Full Article – here.

And The Daily mail

The Children’s Index is to be launched in England and Wales in 2008. It is already being ‘trialled’ by 12 local authorities at a cost of £241million.
Ministers say that to protect children from harm, and identify potential criminal offenders, the State must gather and scrutinise everything known about Britain’s 12million children and their families.

Information held in separate local databases – GP records, nursery reports, children’s exam results and answers to new tests supposed to indicate anti-social tendencies – will be intertwined on one Big Brother system, tracking Britons from birth to adulthood.

From next year, schools must also submit a ‘spine’ of more than 40 items of information on a child, from address and parents’ marital status to ethnicity and eligibility for free school meals.

A parent’s depression, divorce or addiction problems will be “flagged” as warning signs: two will be enough to trigger an investigation.
This acutely sensitive information will be available, Schools Minister Lord Adonis admits, to an estimated 300,000 to 400,000 State employees.
Doctors, teachers, nursery, youth and social workers, police,

Read more: here.

There’s no denying by Ministers, that a state-run paedophile’s address book is being created. Don’t dare get depressed. Don’t get divorced. Don’t get hooked on anti-depressants or your child could be raped as a direct result, housed in the state-run paedophile gulag, with no parental visits allowed.

They used terrorism as their first excuse, but this hasn’t been enough. Now they try to use child abiuse as their excuse. The truth is they want access to our children, and control over their minds and their bodies. They are determined to get it at whatever cost.

Democracy is dead. ‘Long live’ paedophile totalitarianism, Blair’s Brave New Hell On Earth. Big Brother becomes Big Business, just like Blair likes it. Cameron has got to turn this round.

Let’s hear Gordon Brown explaining why British families are no longer allowed to bring up their own children without continual detailed espionage carried out against them by state employees. This topic is being seized on by Nigel Farage.
‘The battle is on,’ he says.

David Cameron should get after it too.


See The Holly Greig story.

Extract –

…..Anne Greig reported this immediately to the local police station in Aberdeen. During the course of that summer, Hollie, who has Down`s Syndrome, began to provide more names of abusers. It transpired that Denis Mackie had been sharing his daughter with a ring of sexual abusers, which included a serving police officer with the Grampian force, Terry Major and an Aberdeen sheriff, Graeme Buchanan.

Medical and other evidence supported Hollie`s account and Grampian Police accepted the truth of Hollie`s statement. Nonetheless, no action was taken by Grampian Police against the perpetrators.

And how frequently does this story repeat? The brave victims who speak out are never supported with proper assistance, or even given a hearing. All of the state’s paedophile crimes are suppressed and hidden from view.

The internet has created a vast worldwide demand for peadophile pictures and videos, and children are needed to feed this multi-billion dollar industry. As Tony Blair could tell you, money talks. The state are the last people who should be trusted with our children.

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