Labour Vitriol Wins No Hearts

The media and the blogs today are full of opinion that the Tories are not putting up enough fight against Brown’s bullying tactics, and are letting him win LINK. In a way they are right. Brown’s spinners never tire of launching Tory hate tirades, whether it be the old cliches such as ‘same old Tories’ or ‘non-dom rich privileged tax cheats’, or ‘cutters of services’.

The media are far more likely to back a Labour spin than a Conservative one, and give such fare heavy coverage.

Anyone looking merely at media, backed up by carefully rigged polls to show Labour gaining ground, would assume the game was going Labour’s way.

They would be wrong. People are less likely to believe the media than they were in the past. Most have come to hate Gordon Brown each for their own individual reasons, and they’ve switched off listening to these outputs.

The election will not be won by yet more of the same chants. Only by rigging seats will Labour win again.

The problem is that they have shown themselves well able to rig seats in Glasgow and Glenrothes, and possibly others in the past when the thought of a seat being rigged in Britain was unthinkable. It is hard enough for people in Britain to take in that the media is rigged, and the polls, but that elections might be rigged is almost unthinkable. Into this sea of credibility, Labour can get away with their most foul outrages.

The media can pump out stories against the Conservatives and prepare people to accept a Labour victory in the coming election, but they will never persuade the vast majority of people to follow them, believe in them or support them. If Labour wins, they will be a government hated by the people from the very beginning.

The hatred will grow and they will crash and burn finally in the economic slump their debts have brought, and the throttling of enterprise and service achieved by their onerous regulations.

If Labour win, they will completely deserve to win, and they can rightly endure the downturn and the blame for what they have brought on Britain.

The Conservatives are right to let the bullies fill the airwaves. If they wait for the real election campaign to start, they can launch their message then, not be jolted by jibes into firing back too early. If the COnservatives win the election, they will face an awful inheritance of the biggest debts and the most unbalanced spending to revenue position ever faced by a British government, out of war-time. Why bother fighting until the perpetrators have been seen as the destroyers that they are. If elections don’t bring Gordon Brown down, then karma will do.

Cameron is right not to climb into the gutter to fight Brown. It’s better to get him out in the open in a TV debate. Whatever events unfold in the next few weeks, someone will decide they’ve had enough of the endless bullying, lying and cheating. If Brown refuses to face his dismissal through democratic means, he will find his fate in other ways.

Brown’s violence against property will be matched by violence against people in time, once he doesn’t fear dismissal through elections. Smashed phones and keyboards over 100 items.

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4 Responses to “Labour Vitriol Wins No Hearts”

  1. BrianSJ says:

    Spot on. Cameron has the Tebbit fraternity just where he wants it and is right to offer something responsible and appealing to the middle ground. They do seem something of a shambles though.

  2. tapestry says:

    An army that will not fight is no army. Liam Fox looked good again on Marr, and is not one to cave in under pressure. He is under-rated.

  3. Robin says:

    Cameron does climb (?) into the gutter to fight Brown . That`s his only selling point – “I`m not Brown “. He`s a PR man with no other experiences.
    The spiv also uses bullying lying and cheating against the smaller parties, especially UKIP.

    And what message have the Conservatives got ?

  4. tapestry says:


    only farage stands an earthly. the rest is a pile of nothingness. ukip without pr is a cart without a horse.

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