The Day Cameron Changed

Many opponents of Cameron refer to him either as a spiv, or shallow, or superficial. Even those on his own side sometimes say they are not quite sure who he is or what he stands for. But in one instant at PMQs, a moment came when Cameron no longer displayed a groomed cool exterior, acting out the role of the unflappable Conservative Party leader. He really let rip.

The subject was Iraq, and Brown’s continual playing politics with soldiers’ lives. This was no act. Real anger was on full display as had not been in the House Of Commons for years.

The Blair era of spin had glided over all with grins, laughs and quips. There were no quips this time. Brown was coloured in. And from hereon, Cameron will no longer be seen as a lightweight, either by his own side, or by opponents. There is fire in that belly after all.

The moment Cameron showed his unairbrushed self, as described by Quentin Letts. .

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3 Responses to “The Day Cameron Changed”

  1. Twig says:

    I look forward to seeing him humiliate Brown.
    He should be able to nail him on the defence cuts issue if his backroom boys do their homework (for once).

    See Iain Dales Diary

    Labour can’t use the Lord Ashcroft retort for ever. Actually the Tories should get a tax expert to explain to the great unwashed what a non-dom is, because they’ve been hoodwinked by Labour into thinking that Lord Ashcroft is donating untaxed income to the party.

    Interesting to note comment on B-BBC open thread:

    “CeannP 11 March 2010,20:22:15
    Caroline Quinn on R4’s ‘PM’ today referring to the Expenses court case said there were 4 defendants – ‘3 MPs and a CONSERVATIVE Peer’.
    Why so coy about the political affiliations of the MPs?”

    Typical BBC bias by omission.

  2. tapestry says:

    I thought you were UKIP, Twig?

  3. Twig says:

    I am a UKIP supporter.
    I parted ways with the Tories when they stabbed Maggie in the back, but I would still like to see them do a better job of opposition.

    They just seem to let Labour get away with so much.

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