Come On Buckingham!

Farage just gets better and better. Come on Buckingham. Elect this man.

Britain needs a voice.

Buckingham must give us one.

I find it thrilling to see Nigel Farage telling Von Rompuy to his face what Britain really thinks of him and the EU. This is pure gold dust. Let’s see more BBCinterviewers squirming as they try to protect their masters behind the scenes.

Farage has to be elected to Westminster.

As for the rest of UKIP, they would be a total waste of space in Westminster, only helping Brown to betray Britain. In European elections and Council elections, people should vote UKIP whenever they see fit, but for Westminster, without PR being introduced, UKIP only helps our enemies.

Farage is unique, a gift to British independence which must be treasured.

This video will still be played and watched a hundred years from now.

He must be supported in his fight and elected in Buckingham.

Bercow promised a referendum on the Lisbon Treaty, and then voted against one. He should be strung up.

Buckingham, are you listening?

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3 Responses to “Come On Buckingham!”

  1. Twig says:

    I just wrote a comment on Iain Dales blog about this. I can’t imagine any Tories in Buckingham voting for Bercow, he’s such a treacherous self serving little basket ~(excuse my french), and he doesn’t even exhibit Tory characteristics (mind you, some might say the same about someone else in the party, which is the crux of the problem).

    I think the Tory Eurosceptics should team up with UKIP to form a surefire winning team.

  2. tapestry says:

    In Buckingham only. Elsewhere that’s not good strategy.

  3. tapestry says:

    In Buckingham only. Elsewhere that’s not good strategy.

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