Britain Is A Police State – Mark 2

The State is planning a country wide computer system which will access all computer records held on all individuals to a central register. There has been no public discussion on this. If for example you visit your doctor with an illness which you would prefer was private and known only to you and your doctor. Sorry, that would not be possible.

Then you visit a pharmacy and buy condoms along with your prescription. That too would be known to the police computer, your school if you at school, your employer if a state entity, and maybe through agency to your employer if private and other social connections, if they pay to find out all about you.

If you visit a counsellor to help overcome distress of some kind, that too would be logged.

I was sent the link which describes the system being installed at great cost across the nation, so that our every action and whereabouts is know to Big Brother. It was given by a commenter under ‘Britain Is A Police State’ on

Here is
the Big Brother link, which outlines how the state suppression system is being implemented in Scotland. Independence will ring pretty hollow with all this going on. And again there is the focus on children. The pdf presentation even says this is being done ‘for Scotland’s children’.

No extract (as it’s a pdf), but see how many people are putting information about you into this information superstructure from the graphics. Everyone basically. No wonder why they want ID Cards, so that your central computer ID number can be keyed into every transaction you make, even as you buy groceries.

The total lack of awareness that civil liberties are being smashed to pieces is truly terrifying. Of course the people selling the system are earning billions. What do they care?

Tea Party topic? I think so.

Essentially the ‘health’ bureaucracy network that runs the NHS is being extended outwards to capture all information that society possesses from all sources. So that government becomes a single central unit of information handling about its citizens, enabling decisions to be taken on behalf of citizens, and so they can be easily controlled. Anyone who kicks up against the system can expect trouble, I imagine.

If we ever needed a Conservative government to smash state power before it cripples all human life in Britain and reduce us all to a terrified and suppressed state, here is that moment. David Cameron’s philosophy is based on preventing Orwell’s 1984 from happening, he once claimed. It looks like he’ll have his work cut out. Labour have already gone a long way down the road of constructing the informational architecture of state suppression.


Dear Mr Curteis – many thanks for circulating this! The battle is most certainly on – Yours sincerely, Nigel Farage www.ukipmeps-org

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  1. tapestry says:

    Email reply

    Dear Mr Curteis – many thanks for circulating this! The battle is most certainly on –
    Yours sincerely,
    Nigel Farage http://www.ukipmeps-org

  2. Twig says:

    It will be be too late if we don’t get back our independence sharpish.
    Our parliament will have no say on the matter. They’re just bulding the control infrastructure to allow the EU to take full control.
    The EEC was just the thin end of the wedge and the main parties are silent on the subject. They were just waiting for the technological means to control us and now they have it. We really need to get out ASAP.

    Listen to Malcolm Peason and see what’s to disagree with: Conference Speech

  3. tapestry says:

    Twig yes to the EU wants all this stuff. No to Pearson. He doesn’t cut it as a Speaker. Not enough focus, no edge, too nervous, not sure of himself. UKIP has far better communicators than him.

    Farage AAA.
    Monckton AAA.
    Pearson B?-.

    As a strategy for now, there are many good Conservatives who will fight if elected. UKIP will allow Brown and the EU to win, if they attract votes in 2010.

    Without PR, UKIP helps the enemy at General Elections. Cameron has to be given a try first. Then a rebellion from the back benches second if he fails. Only third is UKIP the front running strategy.

  4. tapestry says:

    You need good headlines to get people to read articles. People get bored of it all with so much nonentity journalism. If people expend emotion on Cameron, that might even be a good thing. They could swing behind him later. If they were just not affected by him at all, that would be worse.

    Saatchi and Saatchi might stir it up a bit.

  5. tapestry says:

    I would go for a campaign not on ‘the NHS is safe with us’ – that’s old hat from the Thatcher years.

    People fear state power now.

    ‘Labour’s Big Brother Secret Spying State’ would get things motoring nicely as Farage realises.

    Get in there, Maurice. This is where the action is now. Fear of state power.

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