Bercow Voted FOR The Lisbon Treaty

Bercow says he will pitch to his constituents the things he believes are in their interests. But hang on a minute. At the last election he promised his constituents he would vote for a referendum on the EU, and postured as a strong eurosceptic on all occasions.

Yet once the real vote came, Bercow let his constituents down. Overnight out of the blue he transformed into a europhile, voting against a referendum on the Lisbon Treaty. What happened to all the years he alleged he was a patriot who did not support the EU?

When John Bercow asks his constituents to trust him one more time in this election, they might stop and think for a second that a man who breaks his word is not to be trusted.

Buckingham does not deserve to be lied to any longer.
Nigel Farage deserves the seat.
Britain needs a voice.

See Report from Conservative Home which describes Bercow’s vote against Lisbon

Extract – “What a pleasure it is to see you in the Chair, Mr. Speaker, and to know that we have as our Speaker somebody who is simply not prepared to be pushed around, either by snobs or by bullies.”

Those were John Bercow’s words from an intervention he made in the Commons on Thursday.

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15 Responses to “Bercow Voted FOR The Lisbon Treaty”

  1. Bercow is a criminal, and must be removed

  2. Twig says:

    Why does Dave stand for it?

    Do you think Bercow and Cameron could be Labour moles, maybe they were planted by Labour to lead the Tories over a cliff.

    Becow’s wife is openly Labour but Sam Cameron is not so open about it.

    Was Ed Vaisy trying to raise the alarm maybe?

  3. tapestry says:

    Cameron backed the referendum on The Lisbon Treaty in The Commons.

    Bercow did not.

    Cameron has declared a willingness to renegotiate and repatriate powers. He is being hung out to dry on account of it by Clarke and Heseltine.

    Lots of malicious stuff every day, but a vote for Conservative elects a myriad of eurosceptics, who will take Britain in the right direction, maybe even get us out.

    UKIP keeps us in by helping Labour. Where’s the joy in that?

    Try to catch up, Twig.

  4. Twig says:

    This is the kind of thing that makes me sceptical about the Tories:
    …..Tories to nationalise Independent schools

    What are they playing at?
    If I wanted these kind of policies I could just vote Labour.

  5. tapestry says:

    The headline appeals to left leaning voters, I agree. But the details are more interesting, and not something any labour government would be capable of. Free to choose own curriculum, reward good staff, and be free of interference while having access to state funding.

    The only negative is that these schools could not select by ‘ability’. It would mean that the curriculum could vary according to ability, which is the problem current state schools where all are forced to endure academic education when some would do better to learn practical skills.

    It’s brilliant as a political step.

    The headline doesn’t tell the story at all.

  6. @Tap
    Cameron has declared a willingness to renegotiate and repatriate powers.

    By making promises that are either not achievable (will require permission of the other 26 member states) or will not in reality repatriate any powers

    He is being hung out to dry on account of it by Clarke and Heseltine.

    Then why did he promote Clarke back to the front bench?

    but a vote for Conservative elects a myriad of eurosceptics, who will take Britain in the right direction, maybe even get us out.

    A vote for the Conservatives is for more of the same. The Conservatives in power is never Eurosceptic – never has been.

    UKIP keeps us in by helping Labour. Where’s the joy in that?

    Not sure why you say that, UKIP affects all the parties, according to analysis:

    19.63% said they voted Conservative in 2005
    19.63% said they voted Labour in 2005

    The seepage is the same from both main parties, though if the Tories are worried about the UKIP effect then they could solve that by having a better EU policy.

    Agree with your views regarding Bercow though, as Farage puts it, Buckingham needs a voice not a speaker. It’s looking rather positive on the doorsteps, although I’m not sure how much that will translate into actual votes.

  7. tapestry says:

    Boiling Frog wants to make abolutely sure Britain stays in the EU by helping Gordon Brown to victory.

    Why does that possibility not register on UKIP brains?

    You guys claim that this will force the Conservatives to change their ways. It is far more likely to cripple the eurosceptic wing of the party than help it grow. A Labour stooge like Portillo, who we managed to keep out with activist intervention in 2003, will make it with media backing.

    The way to encourage COnservative eurosceptics is to vote them into power, from where they in turn have the power to keep Cameron or get rid of him. As he is being campaigned against by Heseltine it shows how much a threat he is to the EU. He appoints Clarke to have him inside the tent pissing out, as he would certainly be pissing in otherwise.

    You have to accept the reality of media power, Frog, and work around it.

    Greece leaving the eurozone is likely to happen and that might lead to her quitting the EU. No treaty needed for Greece. Why for Britain? The fact is that the Treaties get overridden all the time by the reality of situations. For example whatever happened to the Growth & Stability Pact, and the terms of Maastricht restricting deficits? Totally ignored.

    The UKIP ‘it (renegotiation) can never happen’ is wrong.

    UKIP pulls from Labour also – more recently. Agreed. But the statistics you quote ignore the fact that UKIP pulls more Conservatives and always has done.

    The Tories are not worried about UKIP unduly. UKIP should worry about UKIP. Why are you all helping Gordon Brown, your sworn enemy to secure a victory which will crush Britain for a generation, effectively establishing a dictatorship by rigging elections?

    I don’t rate that slogan – ‘Buckingham needs a voice not a speaker’. ‘Britain Needs A Voice’ has far more kick.

  8. The Tories are not worried about UKIP unduly…Why are you all helping Gordon Brown, your sworn enemy to secure a victory which will crush Britain for a generation,

    On the one hand you acknowledge the threat posed by UKIP by claiming they’re helping Brown, then you claim that the Tories are not unduly worried about UKIP. You can’t have it both ways.

    Blaming UKIP for the possible re-election of Brown is rather like a shop-keeper blaming his customers because they gone to another shop which offers what they want.

    The Conservatives have never been eurosceptic, sure they have a few eusrosceptic MPs e.g. Douglas Carswell, but as a party they have shown themselves over and over again to have enthusiastically embraced the EU project. Why does that never register on Tory brains? A vote for Tories is a vote for more Brussels. Tory history proves it.

    Every Tory seems to use the 5 more years of Brown statement. Is that all they have to offer? If so it’s pretty damning on the lack of policies. Besides, the ‘Trojan Horse’ argument gets used every election; don’t vote UKIP, Lib Dem, Green etc because you’ll get the other lot. I wonder what excuse will be used in 2015?

    It’s rather revealing that the Tories have spent a lot of effort ‘love-bombing’ (in the words of Pickles) the Lib Dems, yet UKIP gets dismissed with ridicule and scorn. That says everything about the priorities of the Tory party on the EU.

    If the Tories fail to defeat Brown, they will only have themselves to blame.

  9. tapestry says:

    Winning elections requires broad appeal. The media has to permit a party to take part, or can kill its chances. Cameron has resurrected the Conservatives from a hopeless situation and given them a chance by ensuring favourable media coverage, re-building the Tory brand, which was considered unelectable prior to his winning the leadership.

    That was the case until November when he spoke of repatriating powers, since when he has received far less flattering media coverage.

    Where I take issue FRog is that the Conservatives are not and have never been a one-dimensional pro-European party.

    Originally the Powellites tried to stop Britain entering the Common Market. Powell was seen off by media, and Airey Neave by bomb. The secret campaign to get Britain into the EU was orchestrated by the CIA according to Powell, using assassination and whatever means were required to get their way.

    Thatcher believed in open markets but realised too late that the EU was not a Common Market but an attempt at forming a single country. She was also got rid of, not because she couldn’t win elections, but because it was obvious she would not sign the Maastricht Treaty.

    Major was appointed by the europhiles who had got rid of Thatcher, but even he had to make concessions to the growing eurosceptic wing if the party.

    The Maastricht rebels fought on to the end, led by IDS.


  10. tapestry says:

    And in 2001 he was elected party leader over Portillo and Clarke who would have been euro-sympathetic had they been chosen. This was the moment when the Party consciously broke with its EU-favourable past.

    The party had swung a long way in the decade since Thatcher fell, and confirmed that the euro would never become Britain’s currency, and that the EU was no longer assumed to be beneficial to Britain’s interests without question.

    But IDS, who was talking of a Europe of independent democracies, and who wanted out of the EEP, was felled by a euro-compliant media, and by a mere 8 MPs who did not dare to carry on with his leadership. But despite IDS being taken to pieces by the media, Portillo still was kept at bay and Clarke. The Party did not want to go back to a default position of EU-optimism. That was the past.

    Howard had no need to commit himself one way or the other as a caretaker leader only, but Cameron was elected on a ‘i will not talk about the eu’ basis. He and everyone could by now see how the media would make an assassination attempt on any Conservative leader who attempted to challenge EU power. He parleyed with Clarke and Heseltine as the price of favourable media which he needed to get elected.

    Cameron, it should be noted, has enjoyed the support of all Conservative eurosceptics throughout his four years as leader, people like Carswell who could be crucial in winning our country’s freedom, as Cameron might tolerate a freedom-winning bill being brought in The Commons and allocate it time to be debated, although it is unlikely he would want to be seen bringing one himself, at least not too soon in his first Parliament.

    He voted for a referendum on Lisbon. He wanted one, but realises that the way to stop the EU is not to create easy targets for them to attack, by sounding off every minute, but by quiet diplomacy and a lack of response to bullying and other EU impositions. The task of getting out of the EU requires timing and skilful choosing of the ground on which to fight.

    Cameron may well fulfil his promise to renegotiate and repatriate powers.

    If he doesn’t the idea that the small squad of europhiles that are left, and there are dozens now retiring in disgust, would win any Cameron replacement battle is fanciful. The Parliamentary Party is now and will be at least 90% eurosceptic after the election and keen to win back independent government, and thereby the approval of the British people.

    Only in UKIP’s dishonest and blinkered narrative-creation do none of these events exist. To UKIPPERS locked in a mindset created in 1973, the Conservative Party is a one dimensional, one-eyed monster unchanging and locked in time. That’s why Frog keeps getting it wrong. He’s looking back into the past, while freedom is ahead of us in the future, and is moving our way.

    If he can, he’ll keep us entrapped where his funny little party can live out a little more self-importance a little bit longer.

    Credit goes to UKIP for influencing the Tories to choose IDS in 2001. For launching the referendum on the EU Constitution in 2004 which was copied through all other parties and delayed Lisbon by at least two years, and for smashing any hopes that PR might be used by Labour and Lib Dems to cling to power, by coming 2nd in the 2009 EP elections.

    In desperation Brown is starting to deliberately use rigging strategies as he did in Glenrothes and Glasgow where his henchmen are well established. That is the way our freedom will be kept from us as from now. UKIP needs to realise how serious this threat is and join the herd, the only party that the EU fears across all of the Europe, the British Conservative Party.

  11. Robin says:

    Apart from the BBC and Mirror, Independent and FT, the media are more EUrosceptic.

    You`ve admitted the party had an EU favourable past. You show no evidence this has changed .So how can freedom be in the future ?

    No dont tell us to vote Conservative . All that will do is confirm to spiv Cameron that keeping the EU out of the spotlight works. And the Douglas Carswells et al are more interested in the trappings of power than the countries future.

    The Conservatives have form.
    Form as in horseracing shows they will make noises but give us MORE EUropean integration.
    Form as in criminal as in their duplicity and traitorous activities.

  12. tapestry says:

    Carswell proposed the motion that got rid of Martin the previous Speaker. That brought the Bercow/Buckingham/Farage situation into being. UKIP should be grateful to him, not to mention that he has proposed a Bill to hold an IN/OUT referendum.

    It seems that UKIP feel threatened by Conservative euroscepticism. It will put them out of a job, in the end of the day. That’s what’s upsetting you, Robin.

    That’s why you want Brown to continue in power.

  13. Robin says:

    No Tap,

    What is upsetting me is the skulduggery employed by the two main parties about the EU. There is no EUroskepticism in the Conservative party . It is buried under the spiv Cameron and Clake`s finangling the subject off the political radar.
    At least there are other parties wanting to discuss it. Not the Conservatives though.

    A vote for the Conservatives and it`s “look, they`re not interested in the EU “.

  14. tapestry says:

    William Hague in The Express and elsewhere today is talking expressly about the determination to repatriate powers, and stop further integration.

    The UKIP mantra ‘conservatives do not talk about Europe’ is untrue. They don’t talk about it all the time, only when there are developments as with Sarkozy’s belief in an EMF, which Hague does not support.

    By the way Carla Bruni’s left him already. Embarrassing or what? Her friends said she would only stay with him while he was President, but they were wrong. One year was obviously more than enough.

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