Virussed Up

I have two laptops. One is in dock having keylogger removed at a cost of £75. This is the back-up which has only 11 viruses and 6 Trojans according to its security system. It had none a month ago. The cost of maintaining two laptops free of hackers and viruses through the election period is I would guess going to be about £600 a month,let alone the fact that they slow down to a crawl, which makes the job very difficult.

It is one reason why my blogging is thinning out at the moment.

I’ll blog as and when I can, when hackers etc permit.

I glanced at the newspaper headlines at the petrol station. The only political one was spot on the Labour Election Planners’ narrative, Tory lead narrowing. It must be true. It’s in the papers.

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  1. Twig says:

    That’s a pain.

    First of all use CCleaner to cleanup internet cache and other unnecessay clutter and then try Malwarebytes for spyware and Eset NOD32 antivirus.

    Malwarebytes is free for ad hoc checking, and about £15 for real time protection. Eset do a 30 day trial and if you want to continue it’s £30 for a year or £45 for two years.

    Esets tech support is v.good, exact opposite of Symantec and McAffee.

    Good luck and nice w/end.

  2. Henry I recommend that you purchase Spyware Doctor. It is by far the best spyware and virus application out there. I think it costs under £40

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