Cameron Is No JFK.

This is the speech that J.F.Kennedy made, which is thought by some to be the reason he was assassinated. He describes the methods and the moves of the creation of One World Government, the same ‘OWG’, that Von Rompuy, the EU Commission President and Gordon Brown talk of in such glowing terms.

Those who stand in its way are either assassinated. Mountbatten. Neave. Fortuyn. JFK. RFK. Or media assassinated – IDS, and Thatcher, for example.

Those who want David Cameron to charge headlong at the OWG’s powers and renegotiate Britain’s freedom, should remember how dangerous a course that is for Cameron personally to consider.

It is better for his survival to remain a little cryptic, to appear indecisive, even a little weak – exactly as he is puzzlingly doing on many occasions. Yet when it matters, he shows he has the ability to turn on the strength when he needs to. The same goes for Hague. Strength and decision in denial is the way to survive. The JFK approach is not…sadly.

Those who don’t obey are cut down, whether President, Royal or Prime Minister.

Those who comply, of course, are rewarded and provided with every advantage for life.

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4 Responses to “Cameron Is No JFK.”

  1. Twig says:

    Do you think it’s wise to let them know what DC is really about?

  2. tapestry says:

    Don’t worry Twig. The OWG don’t read The Tap.

    Heseltine and Ken Clarke blew the whistle on Cameron last year, since when the OWGs are out in full force trying to stop him winning the election.

  3. Twig says:


    If they know what his real intentions are is there any point continuing the subterfuge?
    Shouldn’t he just come clean and denounce the BBC, AGW and demand strict inspection procedures for the election?

    What’s he got to lose if they already know what his true colours are?

  4. tapestry says:

    Remember what the media did to Thatcher when she was felled, to Hague in 2001 and IDS in 2003…

    Cameron understands the media, and that they have the power to break him if they choose..

    right-winger, little englander, banging on about Europe, reactionary, not in Britain’s interests, offending our European partners…remember all that guff.

    To win an election, the media has to believe Cameron is the new Blair – a fellow Marxist and Fabian.

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