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Open Europe had this little gem in its report today –

Writing in the WSJ Amazon Europe Vice-Chairman Greg Greeley notes that the EU Commission is meeting today to discuss plans to allow manufacturers to require retailers wanting to sell their goods to maintain brick and mortar stores, and to sell at least a certain amount of their products in these stores. He argues that such “discrimination” against online-only retailers could “significantly restrict European consumers’ choice of how and where they shop.”

You’re not kidding, Greg. The growth of online sales is one of the few areas of the economy that provides hope. As taxes rise off the scale, and EU officials award themselves ever higher salaries and privileges, people need to find ways to save money.

The internet is the way of the future, but not in Europe. Full mark-ups on all products will be payable, and the large corporations who offer tidy jobs to politicians(BP Mandelson, Blair anyone with a cheque book) will yet again use their influence to hurt the little guy.

Democracy is cancelled. The future is not permitted. Only politicians will be allowed to have money. When did any of us vote for all this nonsense?

People are so focused on the current financial difficulties that they rarely remember that business growth is the only way out of the recession. Only when we are out of the EU will that be possible, bringing to a close the endless barmy Luddism spilling out of Brussels.

Another little snippet on the blogs today relates to that point – the getting out of the mess we are in.


Douglas Carswell MP’s Early Day Motion demanding a referendum on EU membership, as follows, ‘should Britain remain a member of the EU? Yes or No.’ is starting to get noticed. Dan Hannan MEP, had a comment on it on his blog yesterday –

Douglas Carswell, the Westminster wing of the Direct Democracy Party, is moving a Bill for a referendum on quitting the EU.

If ever a question merited a plebiscite, this one does. European integration is a constitutional issue, and one which divides the parties, meaning that it cannot adequately be addressed at general elections. I hope MPs from all parties, and from both “In” and “Out” camps, will support Douglas’s initiative.

It’ll be especially interesting to see what the Liberal Democrats do. You will remember that, when he reneged on his promise of a referendum on the European Constitution Lisbon Treaty, Nick Clegg justified himself by claiming that he wanted an In/Out referendum instead. Well, Cleggie, old bean, here’s your chance to prove you meant it.

One last point –


The Lib Dems.

Why are they of all people claiming to be in favour of PR? They would be wiped out by it. Remember the 2009 European Parliamentary Elections. They came 4th, with their vote down to 14%. UKIP and Conservative, were they to form a coalition at any time would hold a clear majority under PR. Labour and Lib Dem have no intention of going near PR. It’s yet another Nick Clegg sham.

Now then, Nick. About that In/Out referendum you were so recently advocating… Dan Hannan rightly says, now is your chance to show what you are really made of. Anyone who doubts the need for a referendum should watch this …

The Taxpayer Alliance Cinema Advertising campaign below is a good effort, but the power of the Europarl video above is far greater. This should be played throughout the land. It would galvanize opposition to the EU to the level where ordinary people feel threatened, and start to demand action.

Which video do you think gets the message across best?

And finally, I nearly forgot to mention –

Clegg Backs Euro

Nick Clegg is the only senior politician in Britain who still thinks Britain should adopt the Euro. Will the real Nick Clegg please stand up? He has more conflicting policy variations than he does mistresses. He says Euro IN, but EU membership maybe OUT. How does that work?

Nick Clegg makes the movie Avatar appear lacking in scope. He’s running with more lives than a cat. In truth it is he with his myriad of multiple flexible policies and identities, who is Britain’s first virtual politician. In a Hung Parliament, ‘Avatar’ could yet become the key deal-maker. Please tell us, Avatar – PR, the Euro, an IN/OUT Referendum – after ‘Hung Parliament’, what will be the sequel?

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  1. Stuart Fairney says:

    One wonders how such a scheme could be enforced ~ Your Amazon order will be dispatched as soon as two more people have bought somthing form our physical store in Fife, thereby ensuring compliance with EU proportional sales directive.

    You of course see the concern, fear that they couldn’t tax something along with a nice little de facto tarrif barrier ~ sorry Mr cheap Chinese/Indian/American retailer, you don’t pay us homage/maintain a physical store therefore you can’t sell as no tribute/tax is paid to the King/EU

    Great blog incidentally.

  2. tapestry says:

    Traders would be forced to keep a sales analysis of relative values and numbers of items sold through different channels. If their permitted percentage on-line sales were too big they would be fined, I guess.

    Thank you, Stuart.

  3. Anonymous says:

    get in tapestry, i see your cp posts have attracted quite a few comments.

    on the videos, the referendum one is much more powerful – but to people who a) don’t care and b) don’t understand the eu’s role and philosophy, it seems like a bunch of grumpy folks who have lost a vote, so the tpa video is probably more persuasive for the general public. However, i don’t like the stereotyping of the french & spanish – as this does not wash with the left whatsoever.

    on a related note, i recently attended an industry conference where an eu commissioner was speaking. their arrogance was astonishing, seeking to regulate an entire market and turn a commercial operation of many many players (small, medium, large, eu, non – eu) into a tool for eu foreign policy. the fact that the private organizations have decades of experience and technical and commercial expertise, along with a good track record of providing our commodity in a free market seemed immaterial to the commissioner. the eu demands that we submit to their, clearly superior, method of producing, transporting, pricing and supplying a commodity. we, plainly, don’t know anything and should submit to an unelected supranational bureaucracy who obviously have perfect knowledge and the skills of a hard working and efficient industry (who take significant risk in order for our businesses to run).

  4. tapestry says:

    what was the eu commissioner’s name? just for interest.

  5. Avril says:

    that article is a good piece of writing. I really do mean it. Congratulations to the author.
    I wonder if you could get your party leader to watch that video! You might have to tie him down though.
    May I highlight Graham Watson as the most despicable creature to EVER have his name on a ballot paper – oh but he didn’t did he? He was the LimpDum placeman.

  6. tapestry says:

    Hannan backs Cameron. I would be surprised if he hasn’t seen it. Cameron will do what he has to do to get elected. Beyond that lies the open sea.

    Re Graham Watson – noted.

  7. thedarknight says:

    “One EU diplomat said yesterday: “There is a lot of respect for Gordon Brown and a desire to help him without breaking the normal rules against taking sides in elections. He was the man who had a plan when the financial system went into meltdown and no one knew what to do. People know that David Cameron might be prime minister soon but some are wary of him and don’t know what to expect.” “

    Fromtoday’s Independent.

  8. tapestry says:

    without breaking the normal rules….

    They always change the rules as they go so that won’t present a problem.

    It’s what we keep seeing and saying. Eurosceptics should be encouraged that the EU is terrified of David Cameron.

  9. tapestry says:

    When an EU diplomat says ‘without breaking the rules’, he means ‘by breaking the rules’. Operation ballot box approaches.

  10. I think the only way we can solve the European issue is via referendum. I believe on certain issues, such as moral issues and constitutional issues, you need direct democracy.

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