Common Purpose Has Political Control Of The UK

I posted a video of Julia Middleton, founder of Common Purpose, yesterday, showing an example of an inappropriate use of Neuro-Linguistic Programming. Today I follow that with an interview of Brian Gerrish giving his views of how CP is taking over political control of the public sector, in secret and out of sight.

CP has access to very large sums of money, but no one knows where the money comes from. Council employees are unwilling to say how much they are spending on Common Purpose. People who try to ask questions about Common Purpose under the Freedom Of Information Act are noted and kept on file by CP, in breach of the Data Protection Act. For example, the Police are giving information to Common Purpose on people who are thought to be a political nuisance. It is scary stuff.

Common Purpose have an objective to run the post-democratic state, and are preparing the ground to seize control, not only in Britain but in the US and elsewhere. Julia Middleton herself has been programmed by Neuro Linguistic Programming, according to experts on NLP, and is not considered to be all that bright. She is fronting the organisation for people who are as yet unknown.

Julia Middleton’s Neuro Linguistic Programming exposed.

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18 Responses to “Common Purpose Has Political Control Of The UK”

  1. Hasan Afzal says:

    Oh please stop this nonsense. I’ve told you before, I’m a graduate of Common Purpose and I didn’t sense a new world order coming before us! I’d love to talk to Brain Gerrish personally so he can explain his theories to someone who has been with the organisation. As a conservative, who considers freedom as natural as breathing, myself, if I ever thought the organisation was evil and had a choke-hold on the British power, I would personally help Brian bring it down myself.

    Neuro Linguistic Programming? Come off it! Sounds like Orwell on steroids – it demeans your intelligence.

  2. tapestry says:

    Who paid the £4000 training fee when you graduated?

    Why are you unable to find Brian Gerrish’s contact details which are publicised on his website?

    What do you think about the paedophiles James Rennie and Matthew Burn who are also CP Graduates?

    My intelligence? Why do NLP professionals state that this is an inappropriate use of NLP, and deangerous to some individuals?

    If you really want to talk to Brian Gerrish email me with your phone number and he’ll call you.

  3. Twig says:

    Do you know of any CP members in any of the mainstream political parties?

  4. tapestry says:

    Yes, but one racist policeman doesn’t make the whole force institutionally racist. The same with political parties. They all have their charming horror stories, UKIP included. What matters is which side is winning the power struggle inside the parties. There is still hope in the Conservatives that the majority will crush what remains of the fifth column. Lib and Lab are completely lost.

  5. I was impressed with Julia Middleton and have read her book. I would LOVE to take a CP Course (anyone listening??)

  6. tapestry says:

    Where did you find the book?

    What is its IBN?

    You need £4000 to become a CP Graduate.

    Maybe the EU will see you as a future leader and pay up? Someone who can work outside the boundaries. Someone who can interfere outside your sphere, and make trouble for legitimate management and authority, with the aim of causing a breakdown in society.

    How can legitimate leadership work when surrounded by those trained to interrupt and interfere.

    Yes you will be paid well, and will be treated like the new royalty. Who knows? Maybe that’s what you are looking for.

  7. tapestry says:

    Beyond Authority…the title of the book..kinda tells you that trouble is coming.

  8. Sally says:

    Book is perfectly easy to obtain on Amazon. Just do a search there for Julia Middleton and it will come up.

  9. tapestry says:

    Local bookshop could not find Julia Middleton online, which was odd. What lies beyond authority? rebellion? in this case a secretive one. I’ll check it out.

    As my computer is penetrated with keylogger currently, I won’t use any online payment systems.

  10. Twig says:

    “As my computer is penetrated with keylogger currently, I won’t use any online payment systems.”

    Have you tried Malwarebytes?

  11. tapestry says:

    Thanks Twig. I’m unplugging now to take her in for a service. I’ll suggest that one.

  12. “Yes you will be paid well, and will be treated like the new royalty. Who knows? Maybe that’s what you are looking for.”

    Do not want or need the “royalty” treatment… far as increased earning potential is concerned I would of course (like most people) say “yes please…”!

  13. tapestry says:

    so you’re prepared to act ‘beyond authority’…..

    how far would you be prepared to go in conflict with authority, in order to get more money?

    to act immorally?

    to act illegally?

    to hurt others?

    to act dishonestly?

    If you let go of the normal authority and rules, where do you stop next? Who is the new authority once the old one has been dismissed?

  14. Mr Tap,
    Can I respectfully suggest you read the book which can be ordered here:

    You will then see that it advocates doing nothing illegal or immoral as you suggest above.

    You really do seem to have the wrong end of the stick.

  15. Twig says:

    Is it just me or do you see any parallels with the Cultural Revolution in ’67?

  16. tapestry says:

    Not sure, Twig. I haven’t read up on that one. You write it and post it here.

    I asked a simple question, Sally, which I note you prefer not to answer. What does ‘Beyond Authority’ mean?

    If you don’t reply to questions, the obvious assumption will be made….

    I will get the book. It would help if hackers would quit jamming me with keylogger. Maybe it’s CP acting ‘beyond authority’?

  17. I answered it by suggesting that you read the book. I do not claim to be an expert. Ms Middleton on the other hand does.

  18. tapestry says:


    I’m getting a few lengthy justifications repeating earlier points. Once I’ve read ‘Beyond Authority’, I’ll report back with a fresh post on this topic.

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