UKIP Are The EU’s Fifth Column

UKIP are acting as EUKIP again, helping to keep europhiles in Westminster.

They’ve really lost the plot.

See them in action helping Labour keep Britain in The EU again.

Incredible, they have no brain between the lot of them.

Maybe they can find a burqa-wearing enemy of the people in this constituency to justify their endless lunacy, damaging the eurosceptic cause.

Lord Pearson’s finding it all far too much to cope with, being UKIP leader. He’s gone on a suicide mission, determined to bring down any attempts by the Conservative Party to deliver a eurosceptic programme. He’s the EU’s first kamikaze pilot, learning his best tactics from an Al Quaeda training camp, taking out any eurosceptics who come into his path.

He’s gone absolutely nuts, showing nil leadership and no responsibility. He’s like a berserk dog who bites anyone who looks like they might be friendly and on his side, but skirts around anyone who looks like an enemy, leaving them alone to prosper.

If he had to fight a battle, his enemies would only have to wait while he ran round shooting all his own best soldiers.

If Britain could ever be said to possess a death wish, Pearson is that personified. Monty Python couldn’t do better at finding a mad old buffer who has exactly no idea what’s going on, with a permament dazed expression, while all his attempted initiatives meet with the very disaster that he fears, and tries so desperately to avoid – being made to be irrelevant.

EUKIP are now indeed Eternally Useless Kunts In Pink.

Pearson, Brussels salutes you.

From The Herald Scotland –

The Tory bid to claim the scalp of Scottish Secretary Jim Murphy at the General Election faces a threat from the UK Independence Party (UKIP) standing in East Renfrewshire as a deliberate spoiling tactic.

UKIP’s Scottish Treasurer, Donald MacKay, says that unless Conservative candidate Richard Cooke gives a categorical public commitment to support a referendum to overturn the Lisbon Treaty, UKIP will stand in the constituency.

The Eurosceptic party has already made such a pledge in North Ayrshire where they say Tory candidate Philip Lardner meets their test and will not face such an intervention.

However, Mr Cooke has dismissed the threat, pointing out that Labour has pushed through the Lisbon Treaty to the point where it would be too late to hold a UK referendum. He also points out that he organised a local referendum in East Renfrewshire, which, on a turnout greater than the last European elections, showed almost 90% of voters opposed to the treaty, a view he said he would uphold if elected to Westminster.

He said: “The question UKIP have to ask themselves is would they rather have as MP here someone like me, who gave the people of East Renfrewshire a say on Europe by organising a local referendum, or Jim Murphy, who as Europe Minister was responsible for steering the Lisbon Treaty through Westminster?”

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12 Responses to “UKIP Are The EU’s Fifth Column”

  1. Quiet_Man says:

    Since when has Cameron or his cabinet in waiting been EUsceptic?

    His cast iron promises aren’t worth the media they were proclaimed on/ If they lose the election because they wont give the people of the UK what they want, then that’s their lookout.

    When are you Conservatives going to recognise that the Tory policy on Europe is absolutely meaningless? When are you going to stop the scare tactics of unless you vote Tory you get Brown? Where is the difference between Brown and Cameron – they both love the EU!

  2. tapestry says:

    The Quiet Man is turning up the volume. Where have I heard that before? Surely not from a Conservative.

    Ukippers cannot conceive that anyone else on the planet might be able to understand the facts about the EU. It is part of the cult.

    Yet there are many others who see clearly what the situation is.

    Blair acted Tory. Cameron acts Blairish. Neither was Blair a Tory, nor will Cameron be another Blair.

    Ukippers want politics nice and simple like it used to be so they can still follow it. But the game’s moved on.

  3. Robin says:

    Where is the evidence that if we vote for a Tory we would get an even mildly EUrosceptic party in power.

    And what wouldthe Tory party do/be like if UKIP weren`t around ?

  4. tapestry says:

    The Conservative is not a one dimensional affair, except in UKIP mythology. If UKIP wants to destroy all Conservatives, it should do so.

    But is that a wise strategy?

    Which other party has any prospect of at some point becoming eurosceptic enough to quit the EU?

    There is only one vehicle to get us out, the same one that put us in. It is worth thinking through from an options/strategic viewpoint.

    Not the Conservatives are an imperfect vehicle so we’ll destroy it. But how can the vehicle be encouraged to move ahead, while the most serious threat to liberty, Lab Lib, is dealt with effectively.

    The BBC requires a Conservative Party that is apparently europhile. And yet the BBC promotes UKIP at every opportunity. There is a game here, perhaps?

    You have to realise that politics is not always as literal as we would like it to be. Acting out a role is a necessary part of the way to power. Pleasing the media. It does not tell you anything of what Cameron really believes.

  5. Anonymous says:

    What a worried Tory shil you must be. All these UKIP smear stories of late! For a party that supposedly doesn’t have any chance you’re paying an awful lot of attention to them.

  6. tapestry says:

    Where’s the smear? I am discussing strategy, or don’t UKIP have any?

    Thought not.

  7. Robin says:

    Firstly we dont hear much about UKIP from the media and especially the BBC. They like to portray all our options as only between the Conservatives, Labour and LibDims, and you are going along with that.

    As for your analogy about vehicles and getting out, the vehicle you are proposing we ride in is a one way vehicle that only gives us more integration into the EU, and no brakes on it.

    We know politics is not one dimensional, that`s why we wont support the one dimensional Tories led by a spiv who has a one dimensional view of the EU – he`s a EUrophile .With one dimensional views about global warming too.

    And if we dont know about his policies, why should anyone vote for him ?

  8. tapestry says:

    So which is it? We do know or we don’t know ? I tend to the view that we don’t. It’s the norm for all politicians who are standing to win power that you don’t know . It is all about pllaying audiences . There is a very good chance that cameron is as eurosceptic as you . Imagine you are the one trying to win power. From handset . More later

  9. Robin says:

    We dont know because you are telling us that we dont know.And politicians may lie a little, especially before a general election, but they cant lie a lot, as in what you say he is doing IE; he`s proposing policies that are the exact opposite of what he will introduce.

    If he tells us he`s a EUrophile warmist then we have no reason to vote for him.


  10. tapestry says:

    politicians may lie a little, especially before a general election, but they cant lie a lot

    choke. splutter.

    Blair acted Tory. Brown acted Prudent. Cameron acted Europhile.

    They lie and they lie big.

    They usually act the exact opposite of what they are. Cameron’s head would blow up if he was made to square off his localism with his stated support for the EU.

    You have two options, Robin. Support Cameron who has a chance of being elected and a chance of being more eurosceptic than advertised.

    Or vote for UKIP and wreck any chance you have of anything.

    There is also the point that even if Cameron is not eurosceptic (which I think he is by the way), there are other Conservatives who could unseat him or succeed him , who are.

    UKIP are a dead end, and with Pearson they are worse than useless. Farage had some ability to see which way to go, and could understand that the Conservatives would ultimately be the vehicle.

    Have faith. Play wise. Don’t run after the losers.

  11. Robin says:

    We know what Labour stands for. We know what the LibDims stand for. We know what the BNP stands for. We know what UKIP stands for.
    We are not going to vote for a spiv on the chance that he keeps someone else out, only to find that he is a complete opposite to what we need.
    I cant have faith with the Conservatives. They have form.
    No way will we feel any better off under a new Tory government than a Labour one.
    If Cameron is being cagey as to what he stands for, look at the past form. Select another.

  12. tapestry says:

    That’s the point, Robin. The next best choice to a Cameron is another Conservative. Not a Labour or a LibDim, because you know they are useless.

    There are potentially 100s of Conservative MPs to be capable of seizing power, once the Conservatives are elected, if Cameron turns into a lemon.

    I explain more here –

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