Tebbit’s A Spot On Blogger

The world has noticed the arrival of a new blogger – Norman Tebbit. He writes as well as he speaks – just shoots from the hip, but with great knowledge and experience, evoking a strong response from enemy and friend alike. He’ll be a major blogging influence. Try if you haven’t already HERE.

I’m child-minding today. The laptop will be firmly switched off, and I’ll have a 100% family day or two.

UPDATE – Tebbit writes –

Well, well. What an introduction to blogging. At first I thought it was quite unlike anything else I’d done in my political life, but after a while I realised that it is really rather like an old-fashioned political public meeting of the kind that has melted away since television took politics away from the grass roots in the constituencies and concentrated it into the TV studios. It is a pity we can’t have real-time heckling (yet?) but blogging has got life and guts.

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2 Responses to “Tebbit’s A Spot On Blogger”

  1. It’s a shame then that he has chosen the Telegraph to host his blog, with its huge web overheads, it gives my computers a headache. I normally avoid telegraph pages if I possibly can.

    Have a good 100% family day with no blogging of course. (Are you sure that you have started well?)

  2. ken from glos says:

    Good to see you relax.I will be doing the same and will also catch up on shopping.

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