End The Secrecy Of State Child Seizure In Britain

The SS is operating in Britain today, as a secret regime, fully supported by David Miliband and politicians from the major political parties. In this video, our old friend Brian Gerrish exposes what he knows about the way Social Services are removing 25,000 children a year from their families, in total secrecy.

Once they are taken, the parents cannot appeal, or publicise their cases. Those that try can be threatened or sent to prison.

Harriet Harman admitted 200 odd people in Britain went to prison through secret courts this year alone.

There are central government targets which specify the number of children that must be removed from their families. If the targets are not met Local Authorities are penalised to the tune of £500,000. Legal teams on these cases can charge up to £70,000 a day. Medical experts can be paid £3000 a day. There is a huge industry with a vested interest in the continuation and expansion of the programme to put children into care.

This is happening in Britain, which we believe to be a free country. As the economy descends into massive borrowing, and as politics turns into a daily farce whereby not even the cabinet can get rid of the Prime Minister, it is clear that power has shifted away from where it used to be.

Into this void, our enemies, and devious criminals can work their way, and remove our most precious assets from in front of our noses, our jobs, our industries, our freedom to speak, and our children too.

Policy suggestions –

1. End the secrecy of the Family Courts

2. End targets and rewards to councils for removing children.

Will the Conservatives please add these policies to their manifesto?


Maidstone Borough Councillor Sheena Williams resigned from the Tory party , after Tory run Kent County Council stole her 4 young granddaughters for Forced adoption

Elle-May, Ruby, Lacey & Poppy Williams-Piper

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Read and look at these videos. I have a website that was once used by a woman who was suffering the abuse of SS here. They had taken her children away from her because she was being abused by her ex-husband. Now you would think that the thing to do would be to stop the ex-husband from coming around and beating up his ex-wife.

Apparently this was not so easy as he never appeared during 9-5 hours, so the police couldn’t catch him.

Anyway, to cut a long story short, she blogged on my site about this, and mentioned the name of the SS officer who was involved in this. Let me tell you, if half of this was true, it was very scary.

Within 2 months, I was receiving letters telling me to remove the information from the site.

When I asked why, because it was an open forum and they had the right of reply on the forum, and as I was hosted in the US, I had freedom of speach, I was promptly told that if I did not remove it, they would use the full power of the law against my family in the UK.

Needless to say I removed the comments.


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8 Responses to “End The Secrecy Of State Child Seizure In Britain”

  1. Twig says:

    Why doesn’t Cameron bring this up at PMQs?

    Is he a CP man?

  2. tapestry says:

    If enough people start raising this issue he might do.

  3. Its all about power. Those in power are never going to give it away.

    Before long all children will be raised by the state.

  4. tapestry says:

    They will try. I am sure. We will try to stop them. Only if we are all silent and refuse to speak out will they succeed.

  5. tapestry says:

    Brian Gerrish believes that mind-altering techniques are being used on children as young as six. They are told to visualise death, such as a corpse draped over a gravestone while under deep hypnosis.

    The aim is to twist their minds and break their loyalties to their families.

    He claims to have documentary evidence that this is happening.

    It might explain why some teenagers are quite so hard-faced.

    Not all are susceptible to mind-altering techniques. But the attempt is being made in schools to turn children away from their families.

    This he claims explains the suicide clusters, as in South Wales.

  6. H Afz says:

    I call bullshit. I’m a member of Common Purpose and I can tell you quite confidently that all of the people I met on the course are just your normal everyday people but in management or leadership roles. If it really was what the conspiracy theorists say it was, I wouldn’t have touched it.

  7. tapestry says:

    So what did you learn on the course, H Afz?

  8. tapestry says:

    Leadership to achieve what outcomes?

    Operating in which environments?

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