Osborne At A Loss To Counter Brown’s Stupidity

From The Telegraph – The Prime Minister said the Government was taking the “difficult decisions” needed to halve the £178 billion deficit, decisions the Tories refused to take. He said Conservative plans to cut the deficit more quickly would only serve to keep Britain in recession for longer.

Now I don’t expect Gordon Brown to be entirely logical in all his statements, especially those about a topic he is known to find impossible to be honest about – the topic of money. But the above sentence from The Telegraph (via CH) leaves itself well short of even an attempt at normal logic.

Maybe someone else can fathom these arguments.

Then this –

George Osborne says that even The Treasury figures show that Brown is making cuts. He obviously has been looking at the December 2009 Spending Outturn Report, and finding as we have done, that the total of spendng (TME) is inexplicably GBP 60 billion less than in the Pre Budget Report issued only a month before.

But George, you must have seen the GBP 185 billion of unexplained accounting adjustments in the Treasury Report. I would hesitate before interpreting these as spending cuts. To my eye, these are first of all, a device being used to hide the embarrassment of falling revenues.

Only by ‘adjusting’ the spending figures downwards in parallel, can the politically all-important borrowing figure be held constant, with revenues tumbling.

I regret that George is trying to see some kind of reality, or sense in the fantasy accounts being thrust on HM Treasury paper in front of our eyes. I am convinced that these figures are mere manipulation, and not deserving of any serious commentary.

I can see George’s problem, though. Only on blogs can we say what is really going on. How can The Shadow Chancellor say in public that Brown is lying and fabricating information?

It reminds me of the saying – that (paraphrase) against a well constructed argument from an intelligent source I can produce a solid counter-argument. But up against total stupidity I am powerless.

Keep trying, George. You have no choice.

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  1. It is amazingly easy to do just that. That he doesn’t, shows a lack of guts and, like the Labour party, a lack of willingness to state painful truths. That does not bode well if the Conservatives get into power.

  2. tapestry says:

    I’m not so sure Alfred. Is there any point in climbing into Labour’s gutter? The only task worth entioning is winning the election. You can’t expect voters to take an interest in things like TEM as in the PBR or the Treasury Spending Outturn Accounts.

    It’s taken me about a week to get all these ducks lined up so I can fathom what they all mean, with a bit of help from a comment here and there, pointing out my errors, and I’ve been a Company Director for thirty years.

    And even then I am only writing what I feel is the most likely explanation of what we see. I cannot prove any of it.

    Labour know how to calibrate their lies perfectly. They’ve had years of practice, and they know they get soft treatment by the media. It’s very hard to fight lies supported by media.

    Ken Clarke and George Osb are doing as well as anyone could. What pleases me is that the deficit is being featured at the centre of the Conservative election campaign.

    Managing money well is the brand differentiation. Events will bring Brown’s dishonest financial edifice crashing down. I’m not sure there are any words which can force the issue.

    But let’s all keep trying, in case!

  3. No, I wouldn’t suggest climbing into Labour’s gutter, but sometimes a good dose of the truth is needed. Pussyfooting around issues is not what we need now.

    Your debt figures have a good ring of truth to them, so if they are true, why cannot Osborne quote actual disasters like this, and while we are about it, why cannot D. Cameron mention that the handing over of almost complete sovereignty to the EU is the biggest disaster that has happened to this country since WWII?

    We need leaders with guts, now more than at any time.

    “Ken Clarke and George Osb are doing as well as anyone could.“. Sorry, but I do not agree with you on that point

  4. tapestry says:

    OK got it ALfred.

    He’s wading through a sea of Labour’s lies is Osb as it is.

    Maybe he’ll keep going with his counterattack.



    Good performance here surely?

  5. Is that the correct link? It takes you back to

    Monday, January 04, 2010
    Osbrne At A Loss To Counter Brown’s Stupidity

  6. tapestry says:

    yes. late night cock-up, Alfred! Sorry.


    Morning. All is now clear. Labour are buried in lies attacking Osborne. They are deploying all their worst tactics on this front right now looking for weakness.

    Osborne will not oblige.

    The fact that they are attacking so hard shows how vulnerable they feel in this area. This is where the big lies are told. Money.

    The next problem will be the integrity of the poll.

    These guys really are democratic criminals, and like Rasputin, will take a lot of killing of.

    Osborne will play his part. Ken Clarke is good at a scrap also. Let the game play.

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