The 2010 Election Will Be Rigged

Pim Fortuyn who was about to win power in Holland, assassinated on May 6th 2002

Someone’s hacked my computer. The anti-virus defender has found a keylogger has been installed. That means every key I tap is packed into a file and sent to someone, probably over a Skype connection.

All my emails, chats and passwords are sent on to whoever has decided to hack me.

I guess it’s political. In some ways it’s even flattering. In politics, unless you’re upsetting someone, you’re not doing a lot of good. It reminds me of earlier elections when I was an activist, and when I was involved in other activity, such as blocking Portillo’s attacks on IDS in 2003. Phone taps, strange emails, odd people turning up, cameras, video recorders. I’ve seen it all.

I am particularly worried about the coming election. The Labour Victory election narrative was forecast by Labour’s election planners in December. The polls,we were told, will be around 10% in December. Then the Conservative lead will gradually be reduced to 3% or so, giving a Labour victory.

So far the polls are performing to order, gradually attenuating the Tory lead down from 10% (which is still given at 16% by Angus Reid Strategies).

The first Election narrative, the Hung Parliament, began after Cameron declared his intention to repatriate powers when Lisbon was signed. Since that moment, it was clear that he would not be allowed to win an election.

In December, the HP narrative was upgraded into a Labour Victory narrative, announced in a short paragraph towards the end of a Times article, stating in advance exactly what will happen in the polls and when. Everything that’s happened since has been a continuation of what was stated then. The role of the pollsters is to build the expectation in the public’s mind of the result that the riggers will then go ahead and create.

Postal voting will sort out the votes required. Ballot box activity will remove the necessary votes from the Lib Dems and UKIP. The polls merely create the expectation that everything is as normal. In a way, it is exactly as normal. They will do exactly enough to keep any eurosceptic out of power in Britain.

Thatcher was removed when she decided to rebel. Earlier strong British nationalists such as Mountbatten and Neave had been assassinated, supposedly by Irish terrorists.

(Wikipedia – On 18 October 1986 Powell returned to the subject of Neave’s death in a speech to Conservative students in Birmingham. He told them that INLA had not killed Neave, but that he had been assassinated by “MI6 and their friends”.)

Hague didn’t stand an earthly. IDS was media assassinated before he could even try to win power. Howard was kept out with heavy postal voting in marginal constituencies. Cameron is going to be given the full treatment, postal voting and ballot box tampering, which is why the overnight storage of ballot boxes is being introduced. (That might be preferable to the method used in Holland to keep Pim Fortuyn from winning the election – a bullet in the brain).

The EU is in in crisis enough with their finances all over the place, and the Lisbon Treaty proving more difficult to implement than expected. They are simply not going to risk a eurosceptic Prime Minister in Britain, which Cameron, perhaps foolishly declared himself to be, before the election was won, when Lisbon was signed in Prague. His media coronation four years ago was conditional on his complying with the EU’s requirements. If his complying was, all the time, an act, he should have maintained it til later.

The Local Authorities have been penetrated by Common Purpose and know what they have to do. Nothing will be left to chance.

Fraser Nelson has had his Lobby Pass removed, and must be aware that his career is threatened if he continues to offer opinions that the government is finished, even though, according to any rational expectation, Brown is totally blitzed.

The Civil Servants who have gone public declaring that the government is unworkable, will be ruthlessly purged after the election. We are getting close to a totalitarian state. They cannot maintain the pretence of democracy much longer.

Maybe the BNP and UKIP might wake up in time to where the game of politics currently is, and align behind Cameron for this election. They might as well. They have nothing to gain by opposing him, and maybe much to gain if they back him. They are dealing in a future fantasy, while the threat is current and real.

Just as the DUP and the UUP in Northern Ireland might decide to close ranks to block the advance of Sinn Fein, the right in Britain should stand as one in a FPTP election, with the objective of blocking Labour and the EU. It might be our last and only chance.

Or do we want Peter Mandelson as the first ‘Prime Minister’ of New Britain, the Millennium’s first openly totalitarian European state?




This is the organisation that will rig the coming election, and is preparing to provide an alternative post-democratic government. Mandelson is the current shadow ruler of Britain. He expects to become the future national leader of a post-democratic Britain.

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19 Responses to “The 2010 Election Will Be Rigged”

  1. VotR says:

    I agree, a very dirty business. Time to vote with our wallets, feet, any other money and preferably mass rallying to get them out by any means necessary.

    If Britain can turn off its soap operas for a while.

  2. tapestry says:

    I would imagine they will have all bases covered….bar one – their total incompetence with money.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Have you forgot Ukip offered to withdraw from this general election if Cameron held a Referendum on the Lisborn treaty and EU! All he had to is say aye and the Conservative pary would have had Ukip members votes! maybe blame the bnp voters but not ukip!

    Also the orange order in scotland are telling its members to vote Labour! as the scottish Conservative are in talks plans to break away from the main party and become pro independance party to save their own skins! so your losing orange vote there!!!

  4. tapestry says:

    Comments on Scotland and NI are best left to the locals.

    The Pearson offer was an offer to possibly discharge once Britain was out of the EU, not what you are suggesting. And even then it was only a other words nothing was offered. Facts don’t often stray into UKIP myth.

    It is sad that the people who believe they will help independence are acting in a way guaranteed to lose it, were they successful in your actions.

    There is a good strategy within the Conservative Party to get Britain out of Europe. Either Cameron satisfies, in which case keep him. If he doesn’t, change him.

    The europhiles axed Thatcher mid-term. The eurosceptics are now the majority and could do the same. They only need to win an election. Help them.

  5. Robin says:

    How do you know the EUrosceptics are in the majority of theConservative party ?
    If so why doesn`t the Conservative party have a EUrosceptic policy ?
    Why doesn`t it say it will hold a referendum on the LIsbon Treaty ?
    (and thus why doesn`t it appeal to EUroscetic UKIP votes?)
    How are you going to change Cameron if he doesn`t adopt the policies you want, and when ? 1 month, 1 Year, 5 years?

  6. tapestry says:

    The MPs in Westminster voted apart for a few abstainers for the referendum on Lisbon. The new intake is only one third A List in safer seats.

    Cameron can be removed as easily as Maggie was, or any other Conservative leader.

    Party policy is decided by the Shadow Cabinet, and especially by the top group of the SC. But the leader can be got rid of by the MPs.

  7. Robin says:

    They voted for a referendum but we dont get one if they come to power.

    We cant vote for that party.

  8. tapestry says:

    As I remember, the Conservatives have promised referenda on any new transfers of powers. They will attempt a renegotiation to repatriate powers. They have not made any exclusion of referenda. On the contrary.

    You have the choice of a UKIP vote, guaranteed to be wasted, or a chnace that the C’s might be the ticket we need.

    If they are not, we can have a try to fell Cameron and replace him from the backbenches.

    You have a possible of good result versus certain no result. It’s merely a strategic choice.

  9. Robin says:

    The Conservatives are promising nothing but inertia over the EU. Keep quiet about it and hope it doesn`t rock the boat.
    They will drag us further into the EU by the slowly,slowly catchee monkey way.
    They know there are unlikely to be any new treaties in the near future so they offer that worthless promise .The backbenchers are hardly going to try to topple their spiv leader in the near future . They want the trappings of power and to advance in the provincial government.
    Have the Conservatives even mentioned the extra we are to pay into the EU – as the first cutback of government spending ? We need to save money and they wont even mention that.
    Why ? Because , like their waffle about renogtiation of powers back from Brussels, they cannot do that without a seismic shift in our relationship to the EU – so big it would be leaving it .
    The Conservatives are a wasted vote .

  10. tapestry says:

    Robin. No one knows what Cameron will do about the EU. He would have to be playing a double game to get this far, if he’s eurosceptic at heart.

    It pays Ukip Propaganda Dept to pretend they know in advance. They don’t.

    Likewise they ignore the fact that a Conservative vote has a second string. Cameron could be felled by a backbench coup, and replaced.

    Try to see all aspects of the situation,not just the one that plays well for UKIP. There are many federalists within UKIP itself, who are not so sure about EU withdrawal.

    Cameron is a good risk.

    UKIP is a dead end.

  11. Robin says:

    If you elect the Conservatives/Cameron there is no risk of them ;
    1] Now knowing they can sweep the EU subject under the carpet.

    2] Saying “People aren`t interested in Europe it`s ..{insert subject }.. that they are concerned about.

    3] Being more afraid of upsetting the Nomemclatura of Europe than the British voter.

    4]renaging on every other promise about the EU.

    There is not just UKIP. There is the BNP, SNP, Plaid Cymru, English Democrats, The New Party, The Libertarian Party, SWP and others.

    The Labour/Conservative is the old battle. Dont let them get away with it.

  12. tapestry says:

    As I say, to get elected that is exactly what Cameron must do. They have the power to propagandise him out of the game. Cameron must win the media. Only then does he have a chance of being elected.

    He may or may not actually possess the beliefs which would inform such an outlook.

    He is a good risk, as all others offer exactly no hope of any change.

    The EP elections saw all these small parties getting votes, but in the GE they are wasted votes, and will shrink their support.

  13. Twig says:

    Below is an abstract written by Lord Pearson from my local branch’s newsletter:

    “As for the proposed deal with the Conservatives to stand aside at the 2010 election only, we knew that David Cameron was most unlikely to accept, because he is fully committed to membership of the EU. That’s why he does not want an In or Out referendum. But – and this is important- we had to ask. By rejecting the deal he has proved that he would rather risk losing the next general election (because of UKIP’s participation) than consult the people of Britain on EU membership. Next time a Tory cries: “Vote UKIP and you’ll let in Labour,” you can reply: “We gave them the chance and the Conservatives refused it. Roll on the election.”

  14. tapestry says:

    Pearson’s a crook. He said that UKIP might stand down (and might not) if Britain were to leave the EU.

    An in/out referendum may or may not be won by OUT. Take note. You still need MPs to pass the laws that get us out. A referendum is not sufficient.

    People must stop telling me they know what Cameron will and will not do. They don’t know. I don’t know. No one knows.

    Pearson’s a slimy creature who is acting as Britain’s enemy by lying as to what happened. There is no deal that can be done with a liar, let’s face it. He might at least have tried to be honest, and not misrepresent a simple conversation.

    What a loser that man is. At least Farage had some idea where the trees became the forest. Pearson plants them but is clueless. He’d better get back and plant a few more. Spot The Loony is spot on.

    Cameron is a good risk until we know otherwise. At that point the next best eurosceptic play is to dislodge him as leader mid-term.

  15. Twig says:

    Why do you say he’s a crook?

  16. Robin says:

    By mid term more underhand damage (viz the EU) will be done.

    You are also muddying the waters about Pearson (who I previously had no time for ).Twig was talking about a deal before the election. You are talking about something after .
    If we dont know what Cameron stands for, we cant vote for him. He is not a good risk. He is a spiv with form.

  17. tapestry says:

    I don’t know what a spiv is in this context.

    Pearson deliberately misrepresents information in a way which is provable. The offer he made to Strathclyde was not the one he claims it was.

    I can’t see much point in going on with this thread any further.

  18. Demetrius says:

    Funny that, but I bet I have been tapped for a lot longer than you. See my post of Tuesday 2 February. It is going to be increasingly nasty. Personally, I think that Labour has been on a scorched earth game for some time. If they did win then they would find it impossible to clear up their own mess.

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