Is Owen Paterson Proposing A Major New Alliance?

The rumour mill in Ireland says that Owen Paterson’s meeting at the weekend between the DUP and the UUP included an item on the agenda proposing a Tory-DUP-UUP alliance for the coming general election. This rumour has been publicised on RTE but nowhere on the mainland.

The Hung Parliament prospects in the coming election are maybe weakening Conservative resolve in negotiations, and enabling concessions to be given so as many seats as possible are won, backing David Cameron. If some opinion polls are to be believed, his majority could be very thin, and the winning of seats in NI could be crucial.

The rumour would make sense from that point of view.

Within NI, a DUP-UUP alliance would block Sinn Fein from becoming the leading party of a devolved government.

From RTE – Such a merger would be difficult for the two organisations but it would allow unionists block the possibility of Sinn Féin being returned as the largest single party and in line for the post of First Minister.

See The RTE Report HERE.

See 26th January David Blackburn in The Spectator HERE. good background article.

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3 Responses to “Is Owen Paterson Proposing A Major New Alliance?”

  1. Craig says:

    SF the leaders in a devolved government? Not sure how that would work. They wouldn’t get enough votes to establish dominance.

  2. Robin says:

    Dont forget how Ulster Unionists helped Major get the Maaastricht Treaty through.

  3. tapestry says:

    Good point, Robin. They more recently voted for a referendum on the Lisbon Treaty – whether retrospective or otherwise.

    You see, things are able to change. There is a clear eurosceptic majority in NI as all Unionists are anti-EU and so is Sinn Fein.

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