The Infliction Of Unreality Is Taking Us To Breaking Point

There’s something really odd going on. We know all the bad news about money. Some of us have our suspicions that things are actually worse than we are being told, and that the government’s reports contain bizarre accounting methodologies that suggest subterfuge.

The failure of the government to deal convincingly with the deficit is one thing. But so too is the ludicrous attendant politicking about who will spend the most on what. It all has a weird feeling of unreality. It’s as if there is a societal failure from all involved to realise where they are on the map, to take it in how potentially serious a situation we are in.

The same unreality is to be found in estimates as to the possibility of the government winning the election from 10% behind in the polls. The government is issuing media opinions that the election can be won by Liberal Democrats and Others moving back to support Labour. But the opinion from election experts is that this is not very likely. Yet we are so used to false information and ludicrous assessments that no one as much as bats an eyelid, when we come across yet another example.

The Snow rebellion by Hoon and Hewitt was so hopelessly initiated, and carried through, as if it was taking place inside another bubble of unreality about what was possible or likely to be achievable. The whole carry-on of having a political leader who won’t lead is painful to observe, and yet not one of them will do anything calculated to sort the situation out.

Just two weeks previously the whole world assembled in Copenhagen to attempt an agreement from every country that climate objectives could be agreed on and set, and yet the most basic understanding of the science seems to be flawed, and has not been properly assessed. Yet still no one wants to bring this to general attention. It seems easier to carry on with the confusion.

What is going on? Normally the world has the occasional thing that goes wrong but most of the time people are able to grasp the reality of the situation they are in. But right now, starting right from the top in Britain in the Downing Street bunker, and extending outwards from there into the media and to other countries, there seems a disconnect between what is possible to be achieved and peoples’ aspirations and beliefs.

I cannot remember a time like it when nothing added up, whether that be accountancy, science, political strategy or simple economic management. Britain, for example, has little gas left, about 8 days supply in the middle of winter. Councils don’t have any grit or salt to make the roads safe, or at least no reserves.

It’s as if every day another impossible dream and another unreality is faced with its inevitable outcome. Failure has become the norm for everything. Functionality has somehow become impossible in a thick fog of inaccurate information, produced to facilitate the dreams of the fantasists, who believe that they can reduce all eventualities to meet the outcomes they desire. It’s a kind of global insanity that has descended, where peoples’ minds have become rotted, unable to deliver the simplest result, or carry out the simplest functions.

Somehow this whole shambolic scene must be reduced back to reality, as, apart from anything else, it is getting dangerous. What is causing this global float into financial, political, social and economic hopelessness? The parts of the human mind that are capable of making good managerial decisions have been frozen over, and suppressed. The world seems poised on the edge of a cliff, almost willing itself to fall over. How many more hopelessness can we tolerate? How many lies? Not much, I fear.

And when, we wonder, will some kind of reality force itself through the enveloping fog, seize us by our throats, and force us to become effective once more at completing the simple tasks that we are easily capable of, such as buying grit, or arranging enough reserves to ensure we survive the winter. Is the informational fog a fog of fear, suppressing the collective mind, or the fog of lies, where for too long people with secret programmes have been allowed to get away with terrible crimes against ordinary people, where trust has been so badly abused that it no longer exists?

The fundamental values are soon going to tested, trust, belief, confidence and determination. Are we going to accept living in a world of terminal hopelessness? Or will someone please bring this awfulness to a conclusion, and let us make a fresh start? Could we please be put out of our misery? Couldn’t someone call an election, allow popular sentiment to rule once more over the arrogance of media-centric politicians. We must not allow our souls to be crushed, as that will come next if we let it. Humans have to get back into control of the awful machinery of deception that has been created.

Only in the silence of our own thoughts can we find any resonance that tells us to demand our right not to be abused with continual unreality that is being inflicted on our minds. The fight of good against evil must be fought and it must be won.

And the endemic hopelessness, and the extraction of the true values from everything we see and touch, as is being forced on us, is as big an evil as could be imagined.

Christopher Booker explains why 40,000 more people than usual died from cold weather last winter in Britain – HERE.

UPDATE – Reality will arrive eventually, but why does it have to be like THIS?

endemic hopelessness also identified at eureferendum.

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  1. ….and you said you did this for hobby!
    Blimey! Pass the revolver!

  2. ken from glos (Cheltenham!) says:

    I agree.Well put.These politicians live on a different planet. This mornings Telegraph had a puff piece from Gordon Brown on high speed broad band bla bla bla.

    The replies were in every case hostile and the article has now been pulled from the site.

    Brown and the bunker.Not of this world.

  3. tapestry says:

    ascotinlessables, yes. I fear that up top there is a void of responsibility or even caring about anything real. No revolver for me. I’m for bringing back the best that we can be.

    Interesting stuff, Ken. I’m glad others are getting angry too. He should call the election and get on with it. They’ve toyed with us long enough and have achieved precious little over more than a decade, wasting our money and our time – and our mental strength. It’s time they stood aside and removed their hopelessness from our vision.


      ”These four possibilities follow from the laws of freewill and how we create our reality in concert with others. These possibilities also follow from the macroscopic consequences of quantum mechanical laws.

      Schroedinger’s Cat, a classic thought experiment dealing of quantum mechanics, illustrates these principles, though given a few corrections to the experiment.

      The cat, which at any moment may be dead or alive, is physically shielded inside a box through which the scientists can gather no data to determine whether it is, in fact, dead or alive. In truth, it is not necessarily lack of physical perception that makes reality fluid, that allows the cat to be in a wave state of both dead and alive possibilities, but rather lack of conscious awareness of that element.

      The scientists staring at the box, wondering if the cat is dead or alive, are influencing and objectifying the state of the cat because despite not being able to see into the box, their consciousness is still directed toward it, they are still aware of the experiment and thus influence it. Consciousness of the cat aside, if the scientists went out to lunch and forgot about the experiment, and no one else in the world was thinking about the experiment either, then is the cat indeed in a wave state including both possibilities.

      But the moment anyone focuses their attention on the experiment, whether they know the cat’s state or not, the experiment reverts to a non-wave state.

      Therefore, when it comes to the fluid nature of elements in one’s own reality, it is not enough to merely close one’s eyes, but actually disengage one’s freewill from it by entirely forgetting about that element. This frees it up for influence by other forces.

      Thus, the less aware and alert you are, the more malleable or fluid your reality is to other beings who wish to change it without violating your freewill. Having awareness of something locks it down, then only alterable by direct physical action, or only by metaphysical action on the part of beings with more freewill than you who wisely override your lockdown of that element of reality to ensure your learning lessons flow in smooth sequence.

      Therefore, fluidity of your reality is not necessarily detrimental, for most of reality creation requires such fluidity before reality can be reshuffled into what you demand or request. The trick is in becoming aware of all possible changes (locking them down to prevent influence from lower negative forces), and then stating your request specifically and honestly, which opens up one of those possibilities to fluidity. If your request is specific enough, lower negative forces cannot take advantage of that fluidity because it only flows in a direction that is as you specified, without loopholes or opportunity for negative twisting.

      It is important to note that if you anchor your freewill to an element of “reality” that does not actually exist, but was artificially created by negative forces, then the creator of that artificial element essentially controls you through that anchor. These artificial reality elements can consist of false paradigms, false perceptions, subjective illusions, and so on.

      Another critical thing to realize is that when you do reality creation, unless it is in the form of manifesting which influences the behavior of lower evolved beings, reality transforms only because something higher than your present state of consciousness made it change.

      Reality creation, in the form of requesting, changes reality indirectly via a higher force. This higher force often makes it clear to you that you were not the creator of that change, merely its requester. How does it do so? By fulfilling the request in such a way slightly different from the way you requested it. ”

  4. For those of us that can still remember past dreadfully incompetent Labour efforts at bringing us the joys of socialism, the sheer relief when they are hounded out of office will be a wonder to behold.

    In spite of everything that is going wrong in the UK right now and for that matter elsewhere, I remain confident. However, what still mystifies me is that according to the polls there is still a solid 30% of the British people apparently willing to vote for these imbeciles!

    Wonders will never cease! What are they on? I want some because whatever it is it must be good.

  5. tapestry says:

    Half of them are non-voters whose names have been recruited onto postal voting lists. They have access to the lists and can work out whose vote is available to be borrowed.

    I have it on good authority.

    Angus Reid Strategies give Labour a lot less than the traditonal pollsters.

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