Farage Wants Burkao Banned

Of all the spellings of the word ‘burqa’, ‘burka’, you see around the net, there is one which undoubtedly should be adopted by Nigel Farage,

the man who would ban the burkao.

And forever more, comedic writers must surely write his Buckingham opponent’s name thus ‘John Burkao’, the man who refuses to wear such robes, and who faces a campaign from a former Speaker Boothroyd to encourage him to wear them.

That’s enough puns for one evening’s work.

Sri Lankan Speaker Lokubandara in full ‘burkao’ regalia.

He does look a bit warm!

Hattip to Jay, a Tap commenter for using Burko for Bercow!


After a delegation of Moslem ladies visited Farage in his Brussels apartment last night, he has agreed that there might be some exceptions made to the ban, but he explained, the relevant attire would only be worn in private settings.


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