Farage Must Make More Impact

A quick look at Nigel Farage’s website for his Buckingham campaign tells me that, while they’ve got a couple of good ideas for their themes, they need a bit more work doing on them.

This is the text.

Speaker John Bercow has turned his back on his principles and now his own Conservative Party has turned its back on him.

That sentence needs a bit more detail. Bercow always promised the people of Buckingham he would vote for a referendum on the Lisbon Treaty, but in the event he voted against one. This is surely a key fact, which needs drawing out.

NF could claim that the Conservatives MPs are unsure about their loyalty to Bercow, and his loyalty to them, and express it like this –

If they don’t even want him as Speaker, what’s the point in the people of Buckingham returning him to Westminster?

The message continues –

Buckingham constituency needs a Voice not a Speaker and UKIP’s Nigel Farage can be that Voice.

It’s a nice play on words, but without more, does it mean much to a voter trying to decide between these two options? There are surely hard issues that should added to the theme which position the voter.

Taking the Voice theme, which is a good idea, why not expand it –

The first Voice in Parliament from an withdrawalist MP with no restriction from any party whips.

A Voice against the Euro.

A Voice against the Lisbon Treaty

A Voice against the EU Superstate

A Voice which explains the true reasons why Britain is in such a mess.

Nigel’s website goes on –

He will stand against Speaker Bercow in Buckingham at the next general election.
This is your chance to be heard, simply tell Nigel what issues are of concern to you by emailing him at nigel.farage@europarl.europa.eu

That’s one way of doing it, asking for ideas, but really at this stage, if I was a Buckingham constituent, I would want a clear line on why I should vote for Farage, what he will do in Parliament, what the purpose is of putting him there, and why this will make a difference in result from putting Bercow back in.

(One good point about UKIP as an aside, is that Brown and Labour always imagined they could resort to PR as a way to block withdrawalist parties. Not any more. UKIP in the EP election drew 2.4 million votes and came second overall. UKIP and Conservative together could hold an overall majority under any PR system.

UKIP means that Labour will never go for PR. )

The theme, ‘ a Voice, not a Speaker’ could be strengthened further –

An essential Voice, which should be heard, not only on the fringes, in the EP and in the media, but in Parliament. Britain has no representation in Parliament for the survival of its independence.

We should have.

As for the Speaker, Conservative MPs don’t want Bercow, so what’s the point in returning him.

That’s the limit of my suggestions this PM.

With more time, we can always do better. But for twenty minutes, there are a few ideas, Nigel!

For old times’ sake. It’s nine years since I last offered ideas for a Farage leaflet!

In every other seat in Britain, I’m a Conservative!

See Nigel’s current softly softly Buckingham leaflet HERE.

UPDATE – I was very disappointed to see NF drumming Nikki Sinclair out the UKIP delegation to the EP. The tone was ugly. Nikki is clearly unable to stomach the racism of the Northern League (and other values), and wants to focus on getting Britain out of the EU. Pearson is trying to BNP UKIP. It’s a big mistake. After seeing the Farage bullyboy stuff on NIkki Sinclaire and taking into account UKIP’s new focus on anti-Moslem politics, I no longer see Farage as a good idea in Westminster.

Surely these troubles could be handled more gently. Buckingham won’t want to know.

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6 Responses to “Farage Must Make More Impact”

  1. Yasin Akgun says:

    good analysis Henry. By coincidence I’m in the middle of writing a similar piece on how UKIP/Farage should be working their campaign.

    Perhaps we can have a co-written one for The Conservative Blog

  2. tapestry says:

    I am not so keen on backing UKIP outside Buckingham, Yasin.

    I see Nigel Farage as an exceptional situation. Can you limit the joint article to Buckingham, and be separate for the rest? !!!

    It makes it easier for me as I have strong loyalties to eurosceptic Conservatives, who would not wish to be named here. And I would want to assist their efforts to be elected.

    The battle is for seats.

    Farage might quit UKIP is another possibility, if he makes it to Parliament.

    I do not support UKIP in my soul. I know them too well.

  3. Yasin Akgun says:

    Hi Henry,

    I certainly do not support UKIP, like you I know them too well.

    Like you said, Farage in Bucks is an exception.

    A vote for UKIP anywhere else would be an utter waste.

  4. tapestry says:

    Britain Needs A Voice would be good for Nigel’s banner in Buckingham.

  5. yokel says:

    I am a Buckingham constituent. I have most definitely wanted the back of Bercow since it became apparent that he almost crossed the floor of the House. I have been dubious about him ever since it became clear he was a career politician, concentrating solely on climbing whatever greasy pole was going to be easiest. He was beginning to behave like a prima-donna.

    But then Farage is another prima-donna politician, with his nice suits and quite a bit of baggage concerning expenses if I have read right. Certainly he seemed to have run UKIP with an iron grip, and with a determination for getting his own road that does not go well with democracy.

    I have even considered standing myself on a Bercow must go ticket, but I am having doubts firstly about organisation, and secondly about media pressure driven by political liars.

    I suppose I will have to sit and have another think, instead of just sitting.

  6. tapestry says:

    It’s a lot to take on, yokel.

    If you want a leaflet writer, let me know.

    You would have some fun, and depending on what issues you can focus on, you might pull a few surprises.

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