Putin Didn’t Kill Your Husband, Martina.

Martina Litvinenko

Ex MI5 Gordon Logan was speaking to me today. We were discussing various aspects of nuclear contamination, and what strategies the elites have for surviving the contamination they are releasing into the environment, such as from Fukushima. He dropped into the conversation that there is no way the Russians assassinated Litvinenko.

As that topic is still very much alive in the media, and the murder is being used to blacken the reputation of Putin, this information is important. Litvinenko had earlier revealed that Romano Prodi, President of Italy, was the senior KGB (FSB) agent in Italy, as declared to the Euro Parliament by his MEP Gerard Batten (UKIP).

Litvinenko’s widow is demanding a full investigation into her husband’s murder with nuclear contamination, using Polonium. The Litvinenko Foundation website seems to have made up its mind in advance that Putin is the guilty party, which defeats the declared stated objective, of finding out whodunnit. She is demanding that Cameron raises the issue of the assassination in his next visit to Moscow.

If Gordon Logan is right, she would do well to reserve judgement as to who killed her husband. Putin is being set up for a war of revenge, and Martina Litvinenko is being used as a patsy.

Gordon Logan will hopefully write more on this topic in the next few days.

There is a pattern. As with Gaddafi being falsely accused of Lockerbie, with him agreeing to concede responsibility to buy off his accusers, and supply Al Megrahi as a scapegoat, this is no doubt building up similar false accusation against Putin, in preparation for taking military action against him, at a later stage in the propagation of NATO’s wars.

Martina’s Appeal

Statement by Martina released on 16 October 2011 in London

Dear Friends,

Last Thursday H.M. Coroner indicated that he is inclined to hold a full inquest into the death of my husband. I am prepared to do whatever it takes to find the truth about the unprecedented act of nuclear terrorism that killed Sasha Litvinenko and endangered the lives of thousands of my fellow Londoners.

To judge from inquests of similar complexity, such as those into the deaths of Princess Diana and the victims of the 7/7 bombings, these hearings may last weeks, if not months. At the very least, my legal costs are likely to run into six figures.

In these proceedings the evidence collected by the Metropolitan Police will be weighed against the story presented by Sasha’s accused murderer and his sponsors, with the unlimited resources of the Russian state at their disposal. I am sure that my legal team is the best in the world, but the reality is that compared to my adversaries I am severely constrained.

Martina, you could be working with the people who killed Sasha, to wrongly accuse others, who they are setting up for punitive military retaliation. That’s why this is all happening now, and has been held in abeyance for so long. With respect, they are using you for their own ends, and deceiving you as to who was responsible for killing Sasha.

This is a Rothschild anti-Putin bandwagon. Oil and resources are their game, not the acquisition of justice.


Hi Tap,

Followers of the Tap will know that in September, during our enforced absence from the UK, a hit and run truck mounted the pavement outside our house in the dead of night and demolished much of the garden wall. Followers of the Tap will also know that as a result of our revelations about Britain’s culture of political deception and covert assassinations, TPTB were constrained to issue a visa sharpish to my Chinese wife (TAP – previously refused for three years, effectively exiling the whole family)).

This was done so quickly that the official at the immigration desk at Heathrow couldn’t believe his eyes when he saw the stamps in the passport (TAP – a visa following so fast after a refusal). My wife’s visa application was aided by our exposure of the Rothschilds as the covert masters of Britain’s secret and super-rich permanent state, as opposed to the bankrupt Whitehall shambles ‘managed’ by the lying traitor Cameron/mother’s name Levita, who takes his lead from the master-pervert Blair/mother’s name Lipsett, whose candidature for the European presidency failed because of his allegiance to Mossad and male prostitutes.

Having managed to return to Britain last week, I and my wife left our house this morning to take our daughter to school (the black line on the map). We turned the corner and crossed the side street. As we reached the opposite pavement, a large Audi with tinted windows screeched round the corner, missing us by a few seconds, then shot off to rejoin the main road at the next junction.

The map reveals that the car’s detour (the red line) from the main road was absolutely pointless unless this was an attempted homicide or a Rothschild show of force.

Meanwhile, Lord Patten, brain dead apart from the rote cliches that got him where he is, tells the world that it is essential to ensure newspapers CONTINUE [SIC] to ‘play a fundamental role in our democratic life’, and demonstrate their greater trustworthiness than the ‘din of the internet’.

Like thousands of other public figures, Patten has taken part for years in the circular and reciprocal brainwashing of Neuro-Linguistic Programming that has produced an entire administrative elite that, like Patten, lives on message in Cuckooland. What we know, but Patten et al don’t know, is that there is no democracy without the internet, and that the British press is hamstrung by self-censorship, D-notices and mountains of diversionary trivia, while Britain goes to hell in a handbasket.

Newspapers today are increasingly judged not by the constipated articles they publish, but by the comments that manage to get past the ‘moderator’ into their internet edition. Patten is careful not to mention the primary sin of the British press, which is its warmongering, followed by fraudulent ‘soul-searching’ a la Chilcot, until the next oil-rich ‘tyrant’ is identified and his country butchered from 35,000 feet by the heroes of the RAF.

That is what Murdoch is guilty of and that is why he needs to go to the Hague, not for bugging and hacking, which are standard practice in Britain’s fake ‘democracy’ with its identical parties.

Best regards,


TAP – Lipsett and Levita are Jewish names. Cameron and Blair are both covert Jews.

This post is stuck in my top ten. God knows why? The trending story this morning is the Jimmy Savile scandal. Google’s removed it from the top ten!!! Hundreds are reading it.
The saying – having your cake and eating it too – is an odd one. Originally it was, as recorded first in 1546 –

“wolde you bothe eate your cake, and have your cake?”

Googul controls the blogs by sending lots of traffic to blogposts that are no threat, and hiding the ones from search engines, which they don’t want people to read. So I hide the posts they don’t want inside the posts they promote. This next one is one they don’t want people to know about.

Margaret Hodge was made Children’s Minister by Blair, despite her failure to prevent abuse of children in Islington. She created the National Children’s Database, known as the Meat Rack, as it is used by paedophiles to select their targets.

Hi Tap,

Hodge/Oppenheimer is an absolutely typical example of the kind of people who have destroyed Britain. Jewish of course. Third class honours. Started her career covering up paedophiles in Islington.

As soon as she got into Parliament, she nominated Tony Blair for leader after the poisoning of John Smith. In spite of or rather because of her attitude to paedophilia, she was made Britain’s first children’s minister. This followed Blair’s Operation Ore cover-up which implicated dozens of politicians. Thanks to the cover up, the only political figure who got charged was Philip Lyon, who worked with Blair on PM’s question time in the Commons.

As children’s minister Hodge/Oppenheimer set up the so called ‘nanny state’ with the NWO Universal Child Database (a meat rack for the elite) and the present nightmarish situation described by Chris Booker in the Telegraph. Her Jewish friend Harriet Harman is the same. She thinks paedophilia is OK too and wants to legalize paedophile porn. The UN is already working on children’s sex rights so that’s what’s coming down the pike. So when a paedophile turns up in a big car to take your ten year old boy to the cinema and you refuse, Harman will have you arrested.

I’ve been reading up on children’s homes in the last few days. It’s horrifying stuff and it goes all the way to the top. Remember Dunblane? These people are on the move and they make Berlusconi look like the Virgin Mary. In America, it’s all hanging out. Worse than Britain.

Esther Rantzen, abuse victim, tried to help with Childline. But the powerful have never been stopped. Life is easier and safer for paedophiles today thanks to the complicity of people like Tony Blair.

Here are a few extracts from wikipedia:

Margaret Eve Oppenheimer was born in Egypt in 1944 to Hans and Lisbeth Oppenheimer, a refugee multi-millionaire German Jewish steel trader and his Austrian Jewish wife. The family’s company Stemcor is the world’s largest privately owned steel-trading corporation, with an annual turnover of £6.28 billion in 2008.

The end of her period at Islington, before taking up her Parliamentary career, was marred by criticism of her response (in 1985) to serious child abuse allegations.

In 1985, Demetrious Panton complained about abuse that he had suffered while in the council’s care in the 1970s and 1980s. He did not receive an official reply until 1989, in which the council denied responsibility.

In 1990 Liz Davies, a senior social worker employed by the borough and her manager David Cofie, raised concerns about sexual abuse of children in Islington Council Care. Correspondence between Hodge and the Director of Social Work indicates that she declined a request for extra resources to investigate.

In early 1992, Davies resigned from her post and requested that Scotland Yard investigate the allegations. The Evening Standard then began reporting on the allegations of abuse in Islingtons children’s homes, shortly after which Hodge resigned to pursue a career with Price Waterhouse.

In 1995, the White Report into sexual abuse in Islington Care homes reported that the council had failed adequately to investigate the allegations. In 2003, following Hodge’s appointment as Minister for Children, Demetrious Panton went public with his allegation that he was abused in Islington Council care and had repeatedly raised this issue with no effect. He accused Hodge of being ultimately responsible for the abuse that he suffered.

Davies also went public with the issues that she had raised concerns about while working for the council. Following a media campaign conducted by several national newspapers calling for her to resign from her new post, she responded to Panton by letter, in which she referred to him as ‘extremely disturbed’. Panton then passed the letter to the press which planned to publish it, only to be judicially restrained from doing so at the instruction of Hodge. The letter was eventually published, mainly on the grounds that the blocking of the letter was seen as disproportionate. Hodge was forced to publicly apologise and offered to contribute to a charity of the man’s choosing as recompense.

In 1994, as a new MP, she co-nominated the candidature of Tony Blair, a former neighbour, to be the new leader of the Labour Party after the sudden death [poisoning GL] of John Smith.

(TAP – what’s GL, please?)

In 2003, she was made Children’s Minister. She was appointed to the Privy Council on 22 June 2003. Hodge was the first person to be Children’s Minister when the post was created in 2003 but suffered difficulties after the Islington controversy; her resignation was called for on several occasions by the press and parliamentary opposition.

She was later transferred to less visible posts. Usually viewed as a strong supporter of Tony Blair, she appeared to have retained his support despite the hostility of the press.

Privacy International awarded Margaret Hodge the 2004 Big Brother Award for “Worst Public Servant” for her backing of controversial initiatives including the Universal Child Database. At a keynote speech to the Institute for Public Policy Research on 26 November 2004, Hodge strongly defended the idea of greater state regulation of individuals’ choices, stating that “some may call it the nanny state but I call it a force for good”.

In the same year Fathers 4 Justice campaigner Jonathan Stanesby handcuffed Hodge, stating he was arresting her for child abuse. Fathers 4 Justice targeted Hodge because she was the “bogeywoman of family law, who doesn’t even believe in equal parenting”.

Best regards,


TAP Thanks, Gordon. I get the picture now. It’s not always the fathers who lose out – especially if they are paedophiles. See the Vicky Haigh case. Her husband David Tune has been accused of paedophile actions on two occasions. The mother has no criminal record. Yet the judge and the social workers gave the daughter to the father, and blocked access to the mother.

UPDATE from Logan

It is highly significant that the two public promoters of paedophilia in the Labour Party are both Jewish. The pair of them single-handedly revolutionized British culture and have written these changes into the British legal system.

A Jewish lecturer at Aberdeen University has written about the role of Jews in promoting sexual corruption. He has admitted it quite openly. The paralysis that the British public feel when talking about Jews is a result of hard-wired mass media brainwashing – a very modern and effective British (and Jewish) science. Lippman, Bernays, Lewin, Gottleib.

The British are a heavily brainwashed nation, mainly by TV. No amount of evidence will be enough to eliminate a mental block imposed by good brainwashing. The Special Branch will brainwash you personally if necessary. You won’t even know it’s happened but it will be detectable by acquired knee-jerk reactions, like having a fit if you read something bad about Jews.

I got interested in Jews because of 9/11. It was the most instructive experience of my life, because I happened to be surrounded by Jewish and non-Jewish agents, and was able to discuss politics with them. Realpolitik is Jewish. If you haven’t understood Jews, you can’t understand politics.

As for gypsies, I ran into a few in Bulgaria. Very pushy if you give them half a chance. You need to be ready to defend yourself with your fists. A bit like Glasgow on a Saturday night.

TAP What did the Jewish agents you knew say about 911, Gordon?

The Tap Blog is a collective of like-minded researchers and writers who’ve joined forces to distribute information and voice opinions avoided by the world’s media.

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  1. Gordon Logan says:

    One of them, called Jonathan Doll, found the idea of people leaping to their deaths from the World Trade Center very amusing. Another got me fired for politely proving to him one morning that the ‘Holocaust’ was largely a psy-op. I was giving him a lift to work because, like most kikes, he wanted to save money. Incidentally, I was fired under a world-wide Knesset law that decrees the global persecution of anybody who suspects or finds out out the truth behind the World Government’s No 1 Official Secret. The Rothschild FCO covertly implements this on behalf of the Israelis, according to A. C. of MI6, who is a mischling and will give me a professional reference if I don’t blow him!

  2. Tapestry says:

    I’m pleased you still have friends within the ranks.

    The holocaust ‘largely a psy-op’. Proved.

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