Brainwashing Techniques Kill Common Sense

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This is Julia Middleton. She’s the founder of Common Purpose in the UK, although it also exists in the USA and other countries besides. This organisation selects people inside government agencies, politics and the media, and over a two day period of ‘training’, delivers brainwashing neuro-linguistic techniques which overwrite their natural personalities, and make them capable of carrying out acts which they would previously have believed to be wrong.

It is estimated that 1000 people inside the BBC have undergone this form of ‘training’, and up to 25,000 in the Police, the NHS, in schools, the armed forces and all areas of government. The people who succumb become like members of a religious cult, often cut off from their friends and families, giving their primary loyalty to the organisation.

The best explanation I have seen of this was from Brian Gerrish, who played Julia Middleton talking first of all, and then guided by an expert in Neuro Linguistic Programmimg, explained how her voice, facial expressions, hand movements and words were achieving control over the listener’s mind.

This short video gives just a flavour of how the organisation, Common Purpose, is seeking to destroy our society from within, putting Fabian socialist philosophy into practice, by brainwashing individuals and controlling their actions to bring democracy to an end and replace it with a powerful totalitarian state.

After 48 hours of intensive NLP, many susceptible people are willing to do whatever they are asked to do.

In her book ‘Beyond Authority’, she refers to useful idiots and expert idiots.

I’ll get a copy and report back. (I tried but the book is not listed as for sale in book shops)

Common Purpose is a publicity-shy Charity, which is permitted to build a network and exert hidden control across government. It was a Fabian strategy to ‘make charity the hidden hand’. There are 170,000 charities in Britain, known as the ‘third’ sector. Fabians do not believe in democracy but the subversion of democracy. This is an attack on our way of life, with many sinister outcomes.

Check out Brian Gerrish on, who documents the effects of Common Purpose, or click the website Common Purpose Exposed.

There is growing evidence that Common Purpose has strong associations with paedophilia.


Re Kingston Hospital, where the Lib Dems are falsely claiming it is threatened with closure – See story on Guido HERE.

I was taken into a ward suffering 105 temperature, and nasty symptoms. Next day a robot woke me at 5 am, told me I must have been taking drugs to be so sick, and that my illness must be my own fault and that I should not be treated.

I left and went to a Private Hospital which diagnosed a life threatening condition of a malfunctioning nervous system. It cost me £20,000 overall to get well again, but it’s not the money that matters. Robots with programmed brains should not be running hospitals or public services.

No doubt a robot will come up with a false document to add evidence to the closure story. The nurses and doctors were first class. But the political apparatchiks in there are killing people. The Police State is alive and well inside Kingston Hospital, and killing innocent people.

See Julia Middleton’s NLP analysed HERE.

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3 Responses to “Brainwashing Techniques Kill Common Sense”

  1. Sally says:

    Having watched Ms Middleton’s video clip – I am very impressed and believe that everyone ought to take one of these courses! Sorry if that is the opposite effect from that which you intended.
    Of course I now realise why the conspiracy theorists loathe CP so much – it concentrates a great deal on “diversity” – a dirty word to those of some of the smaller political parties….

  2. Robin says:

    I think after her initial sinister talk about free speach and doing someting about fabrication , she was boring and I switched her off.
    I dont like secretive organisations or ones that try to link up powerful people.They should recieve no government money .
    Has she ever said what the common purpose is ?

  3. tapestry says:

    I’m trying to get the neuro-linguistic analysis from Brian Gerrish which he says was removed from Youtube under pressure from CP.

    Sally’s trying to say the word ‘racist’ but cannot quite find it. It’s the usual kind of anti-democratic fare. Anyone on the other side of an argument is a racist or a terrorist or both.

    Imagine 48 hours in a room with no windows being subjected to such NLP, and imagine the effects on a susceptible mind, being offered the incredible status of being called in future a’leader’ by the brainwasher, offering monetary reward and high status, as long as you cheat on the democratic system that you are a part of. Going outside your safe space indeed.

    But of course the people being cheated are only racists so what does it matter?

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