Switch Off The BBC – The Enemy Within

This is incredible. The BBC still hasn’t heard about the Peter Watt book publication, Inside Out, the book which clearly demonstrates that Brown should not be British Prime Minister for another day. They are leading on the Iris Robinson sex story in Northern Ireland, trying to hide the Watt revelations.

BBC loyalty has implications. It means Gordon still has the backing of Brussels. His MPs are sick of him, his cabinet, and the nation. But as long as he sells out Britain to Brussels, he can stay on as Prime Minister for as long as he likes with full BBC support.

The EU and the BBC should be thinking of their own survival. Hiding the truth about Watt is going to blow back in their faces. Was there ever a moment when it was more sure these two organisations should be sent to oblivion?

Sky News is running with Watt full-on. There is a media divide, with news leads as if from two completely different countries. The Brown removal game is over in Westminster, in this sense. They want him gone and are meantime are going to ignore him. Now the battle has moved on from Westminster to the real centres of power, the media and the EU.

The DNA of the battle is such that even Brown’s strongest supporters will be forced by a tidal wave of anger and frustration in public opinion finally to give way. But they don’t want to back down without a fight. If Brown survives in wounded state until the election, this can only be good news for Cameron. But for the country, every day that passes with Brown still in control is a tragedy and a danger.

He has no ability to take decisions,or at least, no interest in the country for which he is supposedly the leader. At all times he seeks his own interests.

Our enemies are already exploiting our current weakness. Sarkozy has grabbed control of the City Of London. Our steel manufacturing industry will soon disappear if something isn’t done. Maybe our car manufacturing will be targeted next. We are being dismembered limb by limb and, with Brown grinning and shaking hands with Sarkozy, hoping for a job in the NWO hierarchy, and while Brown remains in office, no one can do anything about it.

It suits Sarkozy and Merkel to keep Brown like a wounded bird in his cage while they extract maximum advantage. This is not merely a moral issue, but the moment of Britain’s greatest weakness. Even our soldiers now know that it was Brown who cancelled the helicopter orders,leaving so many to be killed and maimed by IEDs. High casualties suited Brown’s political needs as he needed to grub down Blair’s position.

The EU will keep Brown in place as long as they can. The BBC are in full support, really the enemy within.

UPDATE – From PB Comments

I’ve just watched the paper review on the BBC breakfast news. The two presenters downgraded this story to the third or fourth item and then fluffed up the preceding item so that they were giggling as they presented this as a minor item.

Canny old George Jones was the guest reviewer and restored this story to greater prominence. However, the helicopter story wasn’t mentioned – I’ve only just learnt about it on this board.

by Sandra M January 10th, 2010 at 7:38 am

NEWSPAPERS – Summary on BBC 8.11 am. Focus on the election, all trying to avoid the issue of Brown. Apart from The Mail On Sunday. Brown still has the media onside, regardless of the views of all those in Parliament and government. The media rules. He survives again.

UPDATE – From PB Comments again –

The one paper hammering Brown with the Peter Watt revelations is The Mail On Sunday, and yet the BBC cannot see the first six pages carry only the Watt story. They focus on this instead –

Front pages of the Sundays are out on the BBC website.

Daily Mail –The Mail on Sunday voices frustration about school closures and football matches being cancelled and complains over “absurd warnings”.

I jest thee not! (one of them yellow discs with eyes going upwards)


by Batch File January 10th, 2010 at 6:37 am

Don’t simply roll your eyes, Batch File. Switch the BBC off and use instead what they call in Australia, The Bush Telegraph.

Read Political Betting, Iain Dale, Guido Fawkes and others. At least, that way, we will have some idea as to what is really going on. The BBC is, as Redwood, says Propaganda You Pay For. Before you stop paying, stop watching and listening. They are a waste of your time. The most precious resource we possess is information. The BBC are destroying this most valuable resource. It’s time to build your own news service at home using the internet. The quality of our understanding of events will sky-rocket if we do.


There was a shocking propaganda bias in favour of Gordon Brown and to belittle the Snow rebellion. The Watt book was granted one sentence which explained nothing. No mention of Hoon’s story that Brown making the ‘no new helicopters’ decision in 2003. Quite sickening to see the slimy bastards at their work. It felt as if we’d shifted over to a Soviet era whitewash.

But then again…

Cameron was excellent. Marr was taken aback, and seemed quite unable to land a blow. It’s as if the recent exposure of Brown has also depowered Marr.

Maybe even Marr is shocked by the revelations as to Brown’s incompetence and criminality in attempting to falsify records, and make false claims as with the helicopters. He won’t have them spoken about in public though. Labour incompetence and criminality is private business to the BBC. Not the concern of the public. This is pure propaganda at work.


The BBC morning news coverage has talked about Gordon being “determined” and that the coup was “silliness”. The single reference to Peter Watt was to say that he thought the Labour Party would find it difficult to win under Gordon. And that was it. Seriously. That. Was. It.

The newspaper round up on Marr was pathetic. Marr et al just rubbished the whole thing, referring to Brown’s tantrum with American politicians as a “dinner party where nothing was said”, that “nobody would miss” Hoon and Hewitt. Then it was asserted that the polls are narrowing and nobody is listening to the Labour Party infighting anymore.

You can imagine how stunned I was watching this so-called objective organisation ignore this dynamite serialisation. So, benevolently, I thought that I would just have to go to the BBC website and read about it … ha, what a fool I am.


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8 Responses to “Switch Off The BBC – The Enemy Within”

  1. ken from glos says:

    The bbc have got to be taken down by the next Government.

    The other way is for a licence fee strike. I understand that enforcement is done on bluff and bullshit and they have no powewr to enter your house.

  2. tapestry says:

    Agreed, Ken.

    But I would prefer to see Cameron reform the BBC and disempower them by restricting them and encouraging other networks, than engage in direct confrontation…except breaking up The BBC Trust.

    The BBC might be funded from general taxation, which would cost less than collecting from each household.

    The Murdoch empire has only recently changed sides to back Cameron and was equally guilty of siding with the government to hide the truth as per Iraq, or helicopters, for example.

    James Murdoch is now loyal to Cameron much to the chagrin of Marr (and to Rupert Murdoch by all accounts, although that’s playing a bit of tactics I feel).

    The BBC obviously wants to go down with Brown’s ship, and will not give even the remotest help to anyone or anything attacking Brown or the EU.

    It will always be possible for governments (and the EU) to strong-arm media, but the system could be set up so that there is not so much domination by one channel in future.

    The internet is helping a great deal to bust open the distribution of information. The Watt book was published by Iain Dale, for example.

    If we’d had this kind of blogosphere in 2003, the war in Iraq might have been stopped.

    There is hope of better to come, but the BBC is doing all it can to ensure Brown survives, no matter how much evidence is presented by people who know, that he is incompetent, dishonest, dysfunctional,narcissistic and downright dangerous.

    The BBC cares nothing for our servicemen and women, for our economy, or anything really except fighting the Conservatives.

    They are not responsible either. Cameron is right to emphasise responsibility as the key issue. After 12 years of irresponsible government, we have a total void of responsibility.

    It is becoming agonising to live in a country bereft of all responsibility taking. It’s not that people don’t care.

    It’s that they are prevented from caring by insane dictatorial centralising lying government officials who care only about themselves.

    The BBC has aligned themselves with the system and should pay the price. We’ve had enough of them. It’s time for the guillotine to slide. But Cameron will play it gently to begin with.

  3. Twig says:

    If Cameron intends to give them the chop why doesn’t he say so?

    It seems to be a case of blind faith for the Tory supporters, they ascribe positions to Cameron which they would like him to have but which he neither confirms or denies.

  4. tapestry says:

    Cameron has declared that he will reform the BBC Trust. If you want to take an axe to a giant smelly monster with sharp teeth, you don’t warn it you are coming.

  5. Twig says:

    What worries me is that a LibLeft style political correctness seems to have gripped the Conservatives; did you see this today.

  6. tapestry says:

    I saw it. The new batch of Conservatives are not gripped by PC. On the contrary they are mostly sick of it. Slowly catchee monkey.

  7. Twig says:

    But Rother District Council is a Conservative council, and it was they who reported the chap to the police for using a word that rhymed with “pikey”.

  8. tapestry says:

    Hard to know about local matters. If the story is correct, the bastards need shooting whether Conservative or anything else. You get a few ‘types’ in all parties unfortunately.

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