Labour Now ”Expect” A Majority


People don’t seem to have sussed the extent that the new Hung Parliament Narrative launched yesterday in The Times, takes the aspirations of Labour.

The Populus Poll gives the 8% as requested, giving a seeming 2% tilt back to Cameron from the now infamous 6% Ipsos MORI Poll.

But the narrative as always tells you how to interpret the figures. People are not following the logic of the words.

They say that Labour Election planners believe an 8% lead to the Conservatives can be overturned by Election Day.

Have you got that?

The lie is so big people cannot actually follow it.

Please now try to do so.

Labour are saying that they expect to be level on votes by Election Day.

They expect not a Hung Parliament, do you realise, but a clear majority.

With the election now probably five months a way or maybe less, the significance of polling assumes a whole new level. The bare figures always tell their own story, and are open to anyone’s best interpretation, but it is only when the figures are looked at in the context of the prevailing media narrative that the real story as to what is going on, gets to be more visible.

Hung Parliament Narrative 1 (HPN1), for example, was useless without a Poll to confirm the trend to a Hung Parliament, as at the time it began, all polls were indicating good Conservative majorities. When Ipsos MORI provided a poll showing the Conservative lead falling to 6%, as if to order, HPN1 became the talk of all media.

The problem was that the Ipsos MORI poll had been so badly done, and with such a small sample, that it lacked credibility. The narrative quickly began to tire as no one believed it. It was in need of a boost. As I wrote, only two days ago on Political Betting, one would no doubt be coming shortly.

HPN2 came out yesterday in The Times, launched just at the moment the first HPN was flagging. It was obvious the narrationists wouldn’t be giving up, but what was not so obvious was what techniques they would be trying next time, to make a convincing case that the election result would not be a sizeable Conservative majority.

So here we now have it, and can examine its terms.

On the face of it, the new narrative is less ambitious than HPN1, talking statistically of a Conservative lead, not of 6% this time, but of 8%. It did not have to wait long for a confirming poll either. Today Populus has duly reported in with a poll result giving the Conservatives an 8% lead.

The statistics do not give you the full picture, however.

To understand how Labour are now pitching their chances, you need to read their words, which could not be clearer in their meaning.

This narrative is far more aggressive than the last one.

Not content with ascribing to the Conservatives a mere 8% lead, deep in the Hung Parliament territory, the narrationists have this time put out the tale that this 8% lead can be extinguished in its entirety to zero.

They are now predicting a Labour majority.

Here is the sentence from The Times yesterday (see previous post) that should send shivers down every democratic spine not only in Britain, but anywhere in the world –

Labour’s election planners believe an 8-point gap between the current party of Government and the Tories can be closed.

Please note. This is no longer a prediction of a Hung Parliament.

This is predicting a clear Labour victory.

Blair – did he really win the election in 2005? 3 million postal votes were heavily concentrated into marginal constituencies. Many were thought to have been fraudulent. Since 2005, many see the growing role of postal voting as being a crucial part of Labour’s electoral strategy. See HERE

There appears to be a general acceptance that electoral malpractice is now a regular part of how we do politics in Britain. The question now therefore has to be whether they are really going to rig the election the whole way, as this narrative would suggest they intend to do.

I am sure they don’t believe for one moment they can take a 17% Conservative lead and genuinely defeat it in true electoral terms, or even an 8% lead.

The words in the narrative are either simply nuts, or, assuming these are intelligent human beings, intended purely to begin the process of building an expectation in peoples’ minds, so that when Labour end up with a majority in 2010, however that be achieved, people will not suspect foul play.

There can be no other explanation, as I can see.

As far as polling is concerned, you have to bear in mind Smithson’s Law – which is this – “The most accurate poll is the one with Labour in the LEAST favourable position.” In all elections since polling started, the bias against the Conservatives is such that the most favourable one to them always proves to be the most accurate…that is in the days before election rigging became the norm.

The most favourable poll currently is Angus Reid, which gives Cameron not 6% or 8% but a 17% lead. The bidding from HPN1 was to hack this down to 6%. The bidding from HPN2 is to smash it to pieces completely to 0%.

If HPN1, the first Hung Parliament Narrative lacked a certain credibility, HPN2, the second one, looks like we’re into the realm of total fantasyland. Or more sinisterly, it means that the people who harvest postal votes, and control the ballot boxes overnight at election time, have now decided not to create a Hung Parliament but to give Gordon Brown a small majority.

It is from the expectations management programme that they are engaged in that this can be predicted.

The programme started in earnest from the moment Cameron revealed his Post-Lisbon Ratification strategy of repatriation of powers. Until that point, the Controllers thought that Cameron would act as the new Blair, pretending not to sell-out to the EU, to keep his party behind him, but in the end of the day, selling out as per normal.

The Conservatives had been held at bay for three elections. It was not quite believable they could be kept out for one more, and as they believed Cameron would be EU-compliant, they were content to allow him a small majority.

But that was before his Post-Lisbon Policy speech. It appears from what has happened since, that the Controllers are heavily shocked by the stance that Cameron has taken, even though it has done nothing to convince Eurosceptics that Cameron is genuinely up for a fight with the EU, and will actually manage to repatriate any powers.

Since his Post-Lisbon speech,trying to hold together eurosceptic support, Cameron has persisted with attacking the Health & Safety Culture, no doubt riling the EU even further. Despite Brown having been duped by Sarkozy into handing Financial Regulation of the City Of London into the hands of French Protectionists, Brown can now see his way to victory in the election.

By ensuring Cameron is seen as a threat to Brussels, which I also believe he is, even though UKIPPERS persist in seeing him as a Europhile, Brown can dress himself as the Brussels loyalty man, as he did in PMQs yesterday, declaring proudly that Britain under Labour has influence, while under the Conservatives, Britain will be marginalised.

These are the code words for declaring loyalty to ‘the system’ to which Brown owes his all, and is a demonstration to Cameron that he won’t be making any further progress toward winning power. No wonder Brown is so relaxed and happy.

Recent days have shown Brown looking supremely confident, as if he has indeed been given the green light to rig the election fully and go for a Labour victory. Likewise Cameron has looked tired, and lacking in the usual spring in his step. It’s as if they both know the sickening truth, that the whole democratic process is simply a facade, and that the Controllers decide the outcome, not the people of Britain, who are seen by Europe as, like The Irish, far too dangerous to the process of building The Superstate to be allowed a free and fair vote.

No anti-EU government in Britain is going to be permitted under any circumstances, so Cameron has to be eliminated, one way or another. Cameron’s loss of favour in Europe, is Brown’s delicious gain.

The election-riggers also have to bear in mind other threats to the EU within the Conservatives, as Conservative back-benchers potentially present an equally serious source of rebellion as Cameron does.

Carswell’s Bill to propose an IN/OUT Referendum, for example, could do much to stir up voters who want some way to channel their increasing anger at the collapse of Britain’s independence without any democratic authorisation given by her people.

Cameron dare not crush this attempt as he is already being routinely abused by eurosceptics for selling out. But it will only make the election riggers more determined than ever to have their way.

The seriousness with which the threat from Carswell is being taken, can be surmised by the fact that he has received absolutely zero support or even a mention from any media. The EU imagine themselves all powerful over Britain now, and no rebellion will be tolerated. The media know they can only make a few eurosceptic noises, or they suffer consequences. Carswell like Cameron will be blanked.

The EU has its fifth column in place running the crucial parts of the country to ensure there is no democratic escape route. The election is undoubtedly going to be rigged, just as the election in 2005 was rigged.

As I wrote before, the only problem they have is how to build expectations of a another Labour win, or possibly, still a Hung Parliament, when the people so clearly expect no such thing. They tried to push the Hung Parliament Narrative Number 1, but it has quickly tired. Yesterday’s HPN2 is the relaunch, but that too is already being scoffed at by most commentators.

And that’s before most people have taken on board that it is a pitch for a Labour majority, not a Hung Parliament this time.

The question is this – will the riggers go ahead anyway and rig the election for Labour and Brown, on the basis that no one in Britain will be able to do anything to stop them, even though expectations cannot be so easily manipulated in advance this time? Why worry about appearances? The fact is that Britain is already enslaved. Who cares what anybody thinks about it?

If the text of HPN2 is any guide, bidding for a 0% Conservative lead, the answer to that is ‘yes’. They will do exactly that.

I give you the words once more so you can dwell on them and take in what is happening before your eyes, and realise how the democracy that you imagined you belonged to, effectively no longer exists.

Labour’s election planners believe an 8-point gap between the current party of Government and the Tories can be closed.

PICTURE – From Mike Smithson’s Political Betting, the post Party conference polls showing the persistent Conservative lead at 17% from Angus Reid, the pathetic 6% attempt from HPN1 and Ipsos MORI. All these leads would be obliterated if the new narrative is going to provide the basis for the rigging efforts being planned for the General Election.

Many people will be hugely shocked if the plan goes ahead, but what can anyone do about it?

Make no mistake. From here to Election day, the media will now fill with a new story, which no one will ever believe, a Labour Victory. It would be funny if it wasn’t so very tragic. Credulity is going to be stretched to breaking point.

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5 Responses to “Labour Now ”Expect” A Majority”

  1. concerned tory says:

    this is at best, paranoid nonsense, and at worst, extremely libellous

  2. tapestry says:

    It is libellous or it is not libellous. It cannot be extremely.

    It is likewise nonsense or it is sense.

    I am asking people to look at the suggestion from Labour election planners intelligently.

    With some polls giving 17% per cent Tory leads (usually the best Conservative figures are the most accurate) and from that position, Labour state that they expect to reduce the Conservative lead to zero by election day.

    Maybe I am mistaken and Labour election planners are not saying that, or did not intend to say that. But that is exactly what their words mean.

    If they wish to say something else, then please let them go ahead. We are all ears of course.

    How can anyone explain their aspiration to win the election from the current situation, unless they have other methods other than straight polling?

    It’s just logic.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Surely, if opinion polls (other than the controversial Ipsos/Mori one) continue to give the Tories a clear lead right up to polling day, plus exit polls on election day confirm a Tory lead, & there is adequate witnessing both of the sealed ballot boxes & that the rooms containing them over-night also remain sealed, then massive oddities in the postal balloting results would scream out “fraud”! It wouldn’t only be the Tories who would be robbed in such a situation, but probably also some Lib-Dem, SNP, & Plaid election victors too! They also would all be screaming “fraud”! This would present such a constitutional crisis that anyone ultimately found guilty of such malfeisance (regardless of whether they had once been a minister or not) could expect both public disgrace & a substantial prison sentence.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Don’t go for a walk in the woods, Tap.

  5. tapestry says:

    Anonymous, the history of seats where fraud has been strongly suspected, such as Glenrothes, for example, is that the media don’t report it, no matter how many people are suspicious.

    The bigger the fraud, the harder it is to believe.

    If an electoral crime is alleged, and is actually being investigated, the media are not permitted to report it, bar the minutest details, the arrest, the nature of the alleged crime, any charges brought etc.

    They’ve got all angles covered.

    People cannot believe that a General Election would be cheated. It’s simply beyond most peoples’comprehension.

    I wish all your belief in the system was true, but the reality is that cheats get away with it.

    My concern is that they are planning to pull off a big one here.

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