‘Hitler Youth” Attack Lord Monckton In Copenhagen

This clip is the best political confrontation I’ve ever seen, between Christopher (Lord) Monckton and a bunch of American kids who invaded his private meeting, at the Climate Conference in Copenhagen this week.

He didn’t realise who they were to begin with, as he strolled onto their booth the next day after the breaking up of his meeting. He began chatting about climate science. But it gradually dawns on him who they are, when they refuse to listen to any of his climate theories, and only want to talk about the fact that he had called them ‘Hitler Youth’ the previous evening.

That gets the sparks really flying, and brings the confrontation to fever pitch, as Monckton refuses to be brow-beaten by the Climate campaigners, stands his ground and makes them finally listen to his point of view, without losing his temper.

The Speaker at his ‘Freedom Of Speech’ meeting had been silenced by pre-organised mob chanting.

To see how outrageously they had behaved, I am adding the clip of the invasion of Christopher Monckton’s meeting which these activists had carried out the day before.

This is a must-see.

And here to compare the people Monckton calls ‘Hitler Youth’, are some of the original Hitler Youth. The HY were also nice people in their own estimation, just not so nice for the people who ended up on the receiving end of their devotions.

This lot seem equally determined to kill freedom of speech, and in the certainty of their righteousness over other human beings, and their right to silence them.

Why shouldn’t Monckton tell them exactly who they are like?

Good for him.

They don’t seem to like it though!!!

The whole episode was publicised by the Climate NAZIs themselves, expecting condemnation for what they call ‘climate change deniers’. That word ‘denier’ lifted of course from the phrase ‘holocaust denier’.

Monckton’s case is that the evidence shows that Carbon is not warming the earth’s climate, but that the forcing of agriculture into bio-fuel production is pushing millions of people around the globe into starvation, as food supplies are removed from hungry mouths. As before in history, the accusers are the guilty. Millions die. Youths chant.

Only by crushing the freedom of speech can the Climate NAZIs successfully continue to condemn all these people to starve. Next time they should sit and listen to what Monckton’s people have to say. But for now, their minds are completely devoid of the ability to look beyond the propaganda they have been fed.

Monckton’s parallel is spot-on.

CLIMATE SCIENCE – Here is Monckton on the Climate Science and Scientists

Lord Monckton on Climategate at the 2nd International Climate Conference from CFACT on Vimeo.

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3 Responses to “‘Hitler Youth” Attack Lord Monckton In Copenhagen”

  1. Absolutely a spot on analysis of these climate nazis. It is not only the young middle-class Americans who want to close down the debate though. There is another clip going around of a journalist who questioned a scientist about global warming. The Professor didnt like the questioning and sent his staff to tell the journalist to shut up. The staff then called the security people. This is a so-called scientist who refuses to answer questions that do not fit with the climate change religion view.

  2. tapestry says:

    I find it terrifying that they can insist on land being given over to bio-fuel production, to save the planet, while millions die as a result of having their food supply removed.

    And these idiots simply say,’we don’t care’. Have they ever visited an area of the world where people are starving? Are they not able to think at all?

    Monckton is absolutely right. People who assuredly send millions to die, and don’t even care, are no better than NAZIs running death camps.

    The fools are so proud of themselves, they even make movies of what they are doing, unable to see how the rest of the world sees them.

    I am certainly now a Monckton fan.

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