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We thought things were bad in the UK and Ireland. Well the situation in the US, who we imagined was still the bastion of democracy, sounds even worse.

Every politically interested person in the world should see this video.

World government is now in high gear, in the USA, in Europe, everywhere. Obama is to the US what Lisbon Treaty is to Europe.

This is a depressing message. The optimistic thing is that this video has been made. Americans are good at tackling things as a rule, but how can anyone do anything, with their own President sold out to a secret world government, which has become so powerful it can do all this ?

Published on the 23rd October 2009 by Infowars, a US based blog.

Obama is the first US President to hold the office of President of the United Nations Security Council, which is illegal under US law. According to Infowars, he has become effectively President of the World.

The key message is – learn to think for yourself. Study propaganda. Understand how you are being socially engineered. Turn off the TV. Talk to your neighbours. Become a living thinking human being.

The public are becoming unable to reason and think for themselves, as advertising and methods of social control have taken over progressively. They expect the media to do their thinking for them.

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