Gordon Is A Moron (economic version)

The lyrics in this are cleverly done. The original was hardly melodic, and this version is little improvement.

It talks of GBP 1 trillion of debt.

‘the worst prime minister in history’.

You wouldn’t want a nice tune for such a grim topic.

Merry Christmas, belatedly.

Hopefully by next year, he’ll be gone.

At last.

That’s the happiest thought I can find this year.

This next one has a better tune (cover of The Stranglers), has more of the same message, and has jokes.

They are hundreds of them on Youtube…

The real message from Brown is his New World Order speech – watched by 250,000 people . Is this where he’s lost all our money?

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2 Responses to “Gordon Is A Moron (economic version)”

  1. Anonymous says:

    David Cameron is a puppet of the Bilderbergers too.

  2. tapestry says:

    I am not certain about that. Since he declared his post-Lisbon policy Cameron has drawn a lot of flak from the europhiles and the media, running the hung parliament narrative.

    They think he is serious about re-establishing sovereignty. So maybe eurosceptics should also.

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