Get The Boys Home, For God’s Sake

I challenge anyone to watch this video and come away happy that Britain is a member of the EU. The people who negotiated away our democratic freedoms should be ashamed of themselves, or worse. In fact they are now sitting in comfort on leather seats in Westminster, annoyed that their expenses are being curtailed.

These two boys have done nothing, except try to abide by the law, and yet they are incarcerated in Hungary without proper food, without access to telephones or other English-speaking prisoners, without any trial held, and with little prospect of any trial in the foreseeable future.

Just watch it. If I have to write more, there is a danger I will declare war on Hungary or demand the cowardly brutes be shot. That would be a mild reaction. This should never have happened. It is happening more and more. We must get out of the EU. That’s it. Final. No more hedging. Watch and listen, and maybe understand what has happened to our country.

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