Climate-Saving Technologies Suppressed

The carbon industry want people to think that the front line to the earth’s salvation is in their control. In a way it is, but only because they ruthlessly suppress all competition.

It is well known by science how to produce clean energy cheaply and safely and locally, but while special interests controlling $200 trillion of the current fossil fuel energy industry have the determination, these technologies are being blocked.

The above miniscule movement, The Orion Project, is attempting to get political support to take on the power of fossil fuels, and is getting nowhere. Well not much further than a few blogs anyway.

Without public support there can never even be prototypes of the new energy systems produced.

The problem is not the technology, which is simple to understand for the most part, but politics, and politics alone.

I’ve assembled a few videos to explain the enormous potential of clean and cheap energy, from non-fossil fuel technologies that could be made available if governments would let them become available. No need to wait for nuclear fusion. These are now all old technologies from the last 100 years, but suppressed.

OK. Let’s put the politics to one side. Here’s the fun part – The Gizmos!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Tesla Turbine – cheap to make, far more efficient than all the turbines being built across the world currently.

Cheap and fast hydrogen production from water.

Car running on water. The inventor murdered by the US government.

From FOX NEWS. Another inventor of a water car, uses 4 ounces water on 100 mile trip. US Government were checking it out in 2006. But it’s all gone quiet since.

Generating power from water on a worktop. Well demonstrated. Very simple. You can attach it to your car and run on hydrogen.

The non turbine wind generator, vibrating a belt which moves magnets, powers up lighting and so on, and costs little or nothing nothing to make. Too good. Had to be suppressed. Great 1960s rock theme, no words spoken.

Probably the most amazing of all. A Russian discovers The Plasmatron. Also murdered in 1992. It produces clean energy at a 5 to 1 ratio, energy output from energy input. Similar to Tesla. Again too good. Had to be suppressed.

Anyway, sod the climate. These technologies could save us all billions a year. Now come on, politicians. Let’s have some of this bloody stuff, before the climate nutters bankrupt us all with carbon taxes, which would not be needed. We could all breathe clean air to boot and live five years longer.

I’ll drink to that. Time for a beer.


Home made electricity from a trickle of water.

Home made electricity from low wind.

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