Will Cameron Burn Tomorrow The 5th November?

Until Cameron has spoken at 4pm today, the colour of the new era is still unknown.

If he fails to offer anything of strength to hold back the eurosceptic surge of anger and determination,the Conservative Party is finished.

If he succeeds, by making a strong enough response, he will landslide.

Surely he will offer a big enough response. Why otherwise has he created this moment of high drama? So he can crash? It seems unlikely, and yet every eurosceptic in the business from Bill Cash down, is breaking ranks.

If he doesn’t offer a good enough response today, the election becomes, as so many say, a method to get rid of Cameron. Whoever runs Britain for the next five years, becomes irrelevant. The long term takes over.

Today will decide the future of Britain for a generation. I understand and sympathise with the anger of eurosceptics, but until he has spoken, Cameron cannot be hung.

The rope is right now in his own hands. Will he place it around his own neck? We will find out at 4pm today. With Lisbon signed, the situation is dire. By sunrise tomorrow, interestingly the date will be the 5th November, we will know if we have to crash the Conservative Party, or if instead, the Conservative Party will be the vehicle of our future freedom.

The season of rebellion is upon us. Will the bonfires have the Lisbon Treaty as their effigy this year, or tomorrow will it be wee David Cameron that burns?

As if!!! Hat Tip – Guido Fawkes Welcome to The Lis-Burn Treaty.

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3 Responses to “Will Cameron Burn Tomorrow The 5th November?”

  1. He has little room for manoeuvre. Does he not realise that EVERY thing that we do, of any import, is governed by the EU? To pretend that the EU is not an issue shows that he has no grasp of the realities. He has almost proved that he has so little understanding of the Lisbon treaty that he doesn’t deserve to be taken seriously.

    DC, you have one last opportunity.

  2. Quiet_Man says:

    I’m hanging fire for now, but it doesn’t look good now does it?
    Will Cameron grow a pair? The portents don’t look good, all he can realistically offer is a referendum on in or out and if he does you can expect the funding of the “in” campaign to be astronomical paid for by us and the other EU taxpayers.

  3. tapestry says:

    This video could win the election for the Conservatives. It should be seen all over Britain.

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