Vote Euroscepticism Into Power

This is the last post I will be sending onto The Tap for a bit. I’ll be back but have personal business to attend to, which necessitates absence from the UK til roughly March.

I will be back before the General Election.

My thoughts for eurosceptics who doubt Cameron are this.

You should still vote for him.


Because UKIP is a wasted vote, as is BNP.

There is potentially a far more fruitful source of rebellion against Cameron, if he goes slow on his EU repatriation of powers programme, from inside the Conservative Party. People like Bill Cash, Douglas Carswell will be sure to wind up the situation if they see Cameron backsliding on his promises.

They will be able to be far more aggressive in attack if Cameron has a big majority, and equally, he can be far more tolerant of revolt.

The problem is now that the public need to be educated as to why Britain is in such a mess. The more Conservative eurosceptic MPs there are to fuel a rebellion, the more the public will get to hear of EU issues. If Cameron gets a majority of 200 plus, these MPs can open up quicker and more frequently, becoming the effective opposition.

There could be more Conservative MPs opposing Cameron than Labour MPs. That would be a much better situation for eurosceptics. Backing UKIP is the same as backing Labour. Why would any sensible eurosceptic wish to assist the enemy?

Cameron with 450 plus seats would be an unstoppable force. That level of victory is currently 12-1 at the bookies. In six months time, however that could come about, if all eurosceptics rallied and voted as one.

There could be two Conservtaive Parties in the House Of Commons, the loyals and the sceptics, a rerun of the wets and the drys all over again. Think About It. The drys can achieve far more to stop the wets if they can hold a Commons majority on their own. Conservative europhiles are a tiny minority. If Cameron proves to be the traitor some seem to believe he will be (I don’t), he could easily be toppled by the vast majority of his own euroscetic MPs.

VOTE CONSERVATIVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And keep voting Conservative.

Fell The Wall. Your vote is the sledgehammer that euroscepticism requires. Labour with 100 MPs. Conservative with 500. The EU would be finished, and UKIP out of a job.

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8 Responses to “Vote Euroscepticism Into Power”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Cameron is a europhile and a Bilderberg licensed product.

    If you expect him to get us out of the EU you are dreaming.

    People like you are splitting the true eurosceptic vote by dead-ending people with the Tory party.

    Why can’t you see that it was the Tories who took us into this mess in the first place?

    They are not the answer.

  2. tapestry says:

    If Cameron is not a europhile the Conservative vote is the best by far.

    If he is a europhile, the Conservative vote is still the best vote as there would be an overwhelming majority of eurosceptic Conservative MPs.

    They have threatened to rebel if he doesn’t cut the mustard. The more there are, the bigger the potential rebellion.

    If there are enough Conservative MPs that eurosceptic Conservative have an outright Parliamentary majority, Cameron’s views will matter not a lot.

    It will be an as if UKIP Parliamentary majority.

    Looking backwards is a mistake. Look forwards to victory.

  3. Anonymous says:

    You fucking Tory cunt.The tories are liars and traitors.

    You should cut your tongue out for sating to vote for them you bastard.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Cameron’s babes have been handpicked like Louise Bagshaw.

    You will see how career focussed they are.

    You will be disappointed.

    Then time will run out and UKIP will have been destroyed. You make me sick.

  5. tapestry says:

    No. No. No.

    This is serious.

    The Eurosceptic vote could all go to Conservative using the following calculation.

    If Cameron is a eurosceptic, it is the best vote.

    If Cameron is a europhile, the vast majority of Conservative MPs are eurosceptic.

    If the Conservative majority is big enough, say 400-450 seats, the Eurosceptic ‘wing’ of Conservative MPs would hold an overall Parliamentary majority. They could effectively ignore Cameron and press on with a unilateral Eurosceptic agenda.

    Now any UKIPPER would like the sound of that. Add 5% to the Conservative 40% and bingo, Parliament would be majority eurosceptic for the first time in its history.

    Way to go!!!!

  6. thedarknight says:

    I think I’m starting to get where you’re coming from Tap. Hague’s tone was so different from Cameron so soon after his speech that it must have been planned to be. I hope it’s good news for us, although it may well not be …

  7. tapestry says:

    That’s right, thedarknight. Thank you for agreeing with that observation. Hague can play different roles as we know. This is excessively wimpy.

    It is not bad for us that hague is able to defuse the media. It’s just a pity that all the sceptics don’t realise what the game is, and relax a bit.

    Furthermore, if I’m wrong and Cameron’s a europhile (how could that be?), the sceptics should still vote Conservative.

    With 450 Conservative seats (if Labour crash to 120 as predicted today), the sceptics would hold a majority in Parliament for the first time in history.

    They could ignore Cameron and run their own agenda.

    It’s like voting Conservative gives you two chances to win.

  8. thedarknight says:

    I certainly agree that the party will destroy Cameron’s government if he doesn’t deliver some repatriation.

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