Baroness Ashton And The Russian Secret Service

Allegations of EU links to Russian intelligence are nothing new. Litvinenko, for example, before he died from Polonium poisoning, had revealed that Romano Prodi, former Head of the EU Commission, was the FSB’s most senior contact in Italy.

Now it is revealed by Nigel Farage speaking today in the European Parliament, that Baroness Ashton, the EU’s choice of its new Foreign Minister, was previously the Treasurer for CND in the 1980s at a time when it was receiving very large sums from an ‘únknown source’. The allegations are that she was aware that CND was being funded by the Soviets.

I would like to sound shocked. But in truth I am not. Litvinenko was going to make further revelations, which is why he was eliminated. We need to know who the agents on the inside of the EU are, and who they are working for. Once democracy has died, the totalitarians move in. Maybe we can stop them.

But any person who tries or is contemplating doing that must be aware that they face personal risks. Pim Fortuyn in Holland was about to win the Dutch elections on a platform of withdrawal from the EU, but was assassinated before he could do so.

Conservative opposition leader IDS was moving to take the Conservatives towards being a withdrawalist party, when he was toppled by a well-coordinated media coup in October 2003. His reputation was torn to shreds by Michael Crick of the BBC with his false allegations that his wife Betsy was involved in embezzlement. It has barely recovered six years later.

David Cameron has stated that he will not hold a referendum on the EU for the time being, and will try to renegotiate and repatriate powers. Up until this moment, Cameron was treated softly by the media arousing suspicion amongst his followers that he was a secret sell-out to the EU, just like Blair had been. But from the moment that he mentioned his intention to repatriate powers from the EU, the mood music has changed savagely against him.

Now he is facing a wall to wall media assault, not targeted on removing him from the Conservative leadership as yet, but on first ensuring he doesn’t win a majority in the upcoming general election.

The Hung Parliament narrative is not simply media entertainment. It is a bid to block Cameron from winning a majority. First by managing expectations of the result of the coming election, and then by ensuring a Hung Parliament comes about through postal vote fraud and ballot box tampering.

Again I would like to be angry and shocked.

But as the election in 2005 was rigged to give Blair a majority, with three million postal votes harvested, most in marginal seats and in europhile seats like Ken Clarke’s and David Miliband’s, changing the result of the election, and no one seemed to notice or be bothered, it is hard to get excited now they seem to be doing the same thing all over again.

This time though, they will be tampering with the election result by 10% or more, when last time they rigged it with a much smaller amount of ‘swing’.

But as no media is going to mention it, and as the people of Britain don’t seem to care, they obviously think they are going to get away with it.

It’s not shocking, as rigging is becoming so normal. Byelections with unexpected results are now commonplace. In Glenrothes the register even disappeared for the first time in British electoral history, so no checks could be made retrosepctively into what was a ‘stunning’ result.

It is though depressing to see a once great country and democracy brought to its knees by so much evil, without even a single voice of protest being made or heard. That’s how fear works, I guess. People prefer to live, to keep their jobs and their pensions than to try to resist the onslaught that is taking place. They know something wrong is happening, but what can any single individual do to stop it acting alone?

Forgive me please that I prefer not to be silent about what I see. I try to write around the blogoshpere that the Hung Parliament narrative is not simply entertainment to sell newspapers, but is, as I say, part of a sinister programme to subvert our democracy.

The MORI Poll showing a 6% lead for the Conservatives was entirely expected, as without a poll confirming the Hung Parliament narrative, it was going to look a bit stupid. So then the Poll was produced, in which 63 Londoners were interviewed, and from that, the view was splashed all over Britain that Labour would now have a large majority in London, when all polls for two years have been indicating Cameron has a 15% lead in London.

This is surely the best example we will ever see of the power of propaganda. With all news channels and newspapers pumping the story, no one for one second stopped to say that this is all lies. No one dared stand up to the onslaught, and ask if this might all be some kind of deception. Like a flock of starlings, every single feathered bird in the media joined the instant turn of direction on command.

People can see that polls and elections are being rigged to some extent. Their suspicions are aroused. But they don’t take that thought to its logical conclusion. They don’t want to think the unthinkable. So I give people this thought. Why would anyone be involved in rigging the media, the polls, byelections and elections unless they expected to change the outcome, as a result of their efforts?

Would they be in the game to lose or for a draw? No. They are playing dirty because they expect to get away with it, and they expect to win.

The experience of the past indicates that they mean business. Cameron, since he declared his repatriation programme, is going to be blocked from power. That is the purpose of all these deceptions, nothing more and nothing less.

You can sit and watch events unfold step by step if you like, to check in case you feel a little queasy imagining so much evil. Or you can take the evidence already before your eyes, and see now what is planned and what will be brought about in the coming months, if you prefer. The time to fight, of course, is now, to push back the attempt to lower the expectations of Cameron’s prospects, discounting his chances to nil.

They must not be allowed to feature only the rigged polls in the media that indicate a Hung Parliament is the likely outcome. The polls that show the true picture with Labour down at 22 along with the Lib Dems with Cameron at around 40%, ensuring a 100 seat majority must be handed out on leaflets bypassing television and the Press. If the media don’t want the truth to be told, so the election can be more easily rigged without arousing suspicion, they must be prevented from being successful in their attempt.

The manipulators must not be allowed to play their game uninhibited. They are not to be trusted, treated with normal courtesy but as the treacherous evil and cowardly characters they truly are. Bloggers in particular, must stop treating politics as if it were an extension of the entertainment business.

This is the crushing of a free and civilised people by a faceless, murderous, secretive and cunning bureaucracy, supported by a pathetic and craven media. The British public are playing the political equivalent of cricket, still trusting the word of the umpires. Their enslavers are carrying away their freedom without a fight, or even a word of resistance.

If you doubt my thoughts to be true, you need only observe, and your doubts will be removed by observation that what I am forecasting now will come about. I would prefer you, though, to start to resist, to understand what is happening to your country, and to fight while we still have a chance.

That chance is called David Cameron.


Why have the key by-election records “gone missing”?

The Glenrothes by election last November was critical to the personal standing of the prime minister. The constituency is adjacent to Gordon’s, both he and his wife campaigned there, and the Labour candidate and now MP was the head of the school where Gordon went.

The fact that the Prime Minister became so associated with the Labour campaign was highly unusual and was seen as a big political risk. The only opinion poll suggested that the party was neck and neck with the SNP.

The result was a sensation. A majority for Labour far in excess of what anybody was predicting and, as was pointed out at the time, there was the massive increase in postal votes compared with what happened in May 2005.

This was a high profile political event that added considerably to the momentum that Brown was then building up following his initial handling of the bank bailout.

So what’s happened to the marked register – the list of those who actually voted which is open to inspection? For anything to do with this election to have “gone missing” simply provides ammunition for conspiracy theorists.

This is particularly the case because the result itself was so unexpected. The SNP calls for an inquiry could become another difficult issue for Labour.

I’ve been associated with many elections over several decades and I have never known a marked register to have been lost like this.


Why The European Union Must Go by Professor Anthony Coughlan.

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  1. Anonymous says:


    The reason why the Tories are falling in the polls is because Cameron lied.

    People hate liars. They are not prepared to vote for them any more.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Do you post on the Daily Telegraph website ever?

  3. tapestry says:

    Daily Telegraph? Occasionally.

    I have had some success on sites like Political Betting in asking the community who reside there to consider the effects of the ‘narrative’ on byelections and polls.

    No one likes to be the one to say that rigging is taking place, or that results are orchestrated. You are bound to be ridiculed.

    It seems either that I am the only one happy to be ridiculed, or that others cannot or don’t want to see what is going on.

    I asked senior Conservatives about the rigging of the 2005 election and they didn’t even want to talk about it, for fear of being ridiculed.

    Someone has to start the topic rolling. It should be discussed, exposed and something done to re-establish the regularity of elections.

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