Hague On Marr Show Re EU

From 10 am Sunday morning 8th November 2009

Marr – re Afghanistan

Hague – we need to communicate with the public more evenly. the communication is news driven , which means casualty driven. It needs regular reporting of the situation. People have to see there is a strategy they can believe. In the new strategy, coming from Obama, there needs to a strong civilian effort, not a pro-consul, a powerful coordinating figure from the international community.

Marr – difficult public spending situation..

Hague – there hasn’t been a stragegic defence review for ten years. In 2004 Labour cut the helicopter budget by 1.5 billion. a big mistake.

Marr – did you seriously think you would go ahead with a Lisbon referendum.

Hague – it’s not a simple matter and needs explaining. Referendum can no longer stop the Lisbon Treaty going ahead.

Marr – your new proposals are locks on stable door minus a horse.

Hague – a particluar horse. whenever any government transfers powers to Europe, there will be a referendum.

Marr – there won’t be a transfer of power or a traety for years.

M – social and welfare policy? paternity leave. 4 weeks holiday

H – not those, but things like agency regulations. things we can ask for which are damaging our economy.

m – eu says don’t make a list of demands. we’re not interested

h. we have to pick our time. no quick 6 months bust up

m – nothing will happen

h – it will. i am determined. the economic problems will be on our mind 24 hours a day. we don’t need a crisis with the EU.

m – so it’s business as usual

h – we will be working with our EU partners.

m –

h – we will challenge other parties to agree about a Sovereignty Bill.

m – it’s a gift to ukip

h – we cannot pander to fringe parties

h – fringe parties will have no impact, if you want change, vote conservative

m – abuse from foreign ministers. business as usual.

h – steady promotion of our national interest. we will be tough negotiators.

m – MP’s expenses……………………..

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