The Future Course Of Politics Takes Shape.

While David Cameron talks of renegotiating repatriation of powers from the EU, one of his MPs thinks there is another way. Douglas Carswell who brought the motion to expel Michael Martin as Speaker, is starting a new initiative. He is one of the few remaining MPs who still believes in Parliament. He is young (relatively), incorruptible and will not back down.

Even with only one activist MP in Parliament, who operates beyond the system of media corruption, there is a chance that a political movement could be born from the back benches. With the Front Bench so hopelessly compromised, where else could the democratic revival of Britain come from?

Carswell could maybe persuade other MPs to join him in his campaign. It would be tantamount to creating a political party within a party, if he did. If Labour’s vote collapses to 120, giving Cameron 450 seats, the only real opposition might become internal opposition.

The Party would not fracture, but it might provide its own opposition, forcing Cameron to hold a referendum to quell rebellion. Eurosceptics should be voting in as many COnservative MPs as they can.

Open Europe reports –

Meanwhile, PA reports that Conservative MP Douglas Carswell has sent an email to his constituents in which he wrote, “I want you to know that I have begun a campaign for a referendum on the EU.

All three parties promised us a referendum. Yet somehow it hasn’t happened. I think that’s wrong.” He told his constituents it was “time to let the British people have their say…No one in Britain under the age of 52 has had the chance to vote in a referendum on Europe. For years it has been left to professional politicians and diplomats to decide EU policy. I believe it is now time to let the people have their say.”

The referendum would need to be timed to a period when a majority of Britos want to quit the EU, which could still be three years away.

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7 Responses to “The Future Course Of Politics Takes Shape.”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Cameron = Blair/Brown
    UK Parliament has no effective opposition it is one muddy mess, by design. I do not care if my UKIP vote returns Labour or weakens a Tory mandate – they both just are one side of the same grubby coin. But the fact is the Tories will return to ‘put the country back on track’ and in happy accommodation with the EU. That is the snake oil – Labour to ruin the country EU-BC and Conservatives to magically mend it EU-AD. What do the public think? They think “well things are better now we are really a proper part of the EU”. Why is this done? Because the forces that push for these ever larger political unions, not just the EU but far and wide, are the powerful agents of deception and coercion who do the bidding of the ultra wealthy few.

  2. tapestry says:

    Three thoughts for you, anonymous.

    First Cameron has elements of Blair/Brown in his act, such as the use of triangulation, focus on swing voters, and the emasculation of Party Members.

    But that does not mean his objectives are the exactly the same as Brown or Blair, who were little egos trying to big deal, who measured their success in personal terms.

    Cameron’s expression of his underlying political philosophy could not be more different.

    The things Cameron has in common with B+B are really only the necessities of playing the media game, which is where power has migrated.

    Once he has secured that power, he will not be invading Iraq, and he will be amenable to rebellion to the EU, where he can find ways to do so. He believes that the institutional framework of decision making needs putting back together again.

    The second point is that only in the Conservative Party is anti-EU dissent tolerated. MPs can be members of Better Off Out, and not rejected from participating. Obviously the shadow cabinet and future ministers have to tow the party line.

    People like Carswell will be far more numerous after the next election. If it’s a landslide you could see 100 Conservative MPs openly willing to declare these views, and provide a heavy pull towards an EU exit. The campaign for an IN/OUT referendum will be far more powerful from inside the Commons.

    But even that will need time before the British public have a clear cut majority to head for the EU exit.

    Then the subject of UKIP. Sadly this is a highly corrupt organisation, run by shadowy figures on the make, and having little commitment to the objective of quitting the EU. In fact if Britain quits the EU, they will all be out of a job.

    If EUKIP cared about quitting the EU they would not be standing against activist Conservative eurosceptic members of BOO.

    Only the Conservative Party will ever negotiate Britain’s withdrawal from the EU, and EUKIP is doing all it can to prevent a Conservative majority in the Commons.

    Cameron as I say, is not Blair or Brown. But to win the media game he has to pretend he is.

    Don’t throw away your vote to EUKIP. There there is really no hope.

  3. tapestry says:

    LINK to a piece on Cameron’s style, and his seriousness on issues.

  4. Anonymous says:

    I see you are still pushing the ‘Cameron is really a Eurosceptic’ meme.

    That is a bit like saying Peter Sutcliffe is a feminist.

    The flaws in your argument are:

    PPCs are prevented from being in the Better Off Out campaign.

    100 MPs will not be enough. We need 325 MPs in favour of withdrawal and the problem with Tories is that there would never be that many in the Tory Party.

    The Tories took us into the EU and it is Cameron who has said no to a referendum on membership when he gets elected. Cameron is not pretending. He is a Europhile.

    The thing you are overlooking is TIME. We are out of time. We cannot listen to the wait and see policies that John Major was pushing nearly 20 years ago. Independence has gone and we need to take it back NOW or very soon.

    The 3 parties that brought this mess about will play no part in the Independence movement. They are federasts to the core. You keep trying to pretend that there is a difference between the 3 parties but if there is, it is tactical and does not affect the strategic direction of the country. I simply do not care which of them is IN as that means we are IN the EU.

    What would you accept as proof that the Tories are federalists?

    When does the talk stop for people like you?

    Vote UKIP if that is what you believe. Don’t vote for the Tories because you think they will be any different from NuLab on the EU issue. They won’t be. The character of their leader reflects what they are, and to a lesser extent he shapes what they are. You keep saying he is tacitly supportive of Euroscepticism but if this was true, he would have announced an IN-OUT referendum.

    If elected UKIP will do this. They will not be out of a job, because we will have to make sure that we STAY OUT of the EU so that is a poor argument too.

  5. tapestry says:

    Cameron has not ruled out an IN/OUT referendum. There is now point in committing to one until it will be clearly won, or it could make the situation worse.

    You think we are óut of time’. We are óut of time’to stop Britain’s enslavement in the project. BUt how long do you want our jail sentence to be? Permanently.

    Vote for Cameron and people like Carswell. Eukip will suck you dry and spit you out.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Cameron is a Europhile.

    If you wait until you think you will definitely win before calling a referendum it will never happen.

    This is to do with birth rates of muslims who are largely pro-EU.

  7. tapestry says:

    If Cameron is a europhile, why are the MSM and the whole paraphernalia of EU support striving to create the ‘Hung Parliament’?

    Since his Lisbon speech, they have turned tail and are running away from Cameron. Polls showing a Hung Parliament, are being ordered up, and many commentators told to start predicting one.

    The week before a Cameron landslide was believed to be the only outcome.

    With 14% poll leads ( and polls historically underestimate Conservative positions) an HP is completely barmy, unless they have launched a major election rigging exercise, which requires expectation to be managed before the ‘poll’.

    Cameron is scaring the europhiles so back him. He’s your man.

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