Eurosceptics Plan Their Next Match

The Eurosceptics in the media are putting up a big moan this week, at the end of the lost ‘Stop The Lisbon Treaty’ game. Cameron is being accused of deception by one and all, failure to keep promises and so on. But really it’s time to grow up, Eurosceptics, and look to the next match. You lost Lisbon 6-0. Now stop blaming the Captain.

He played a good game. He was let down by the Irish Goal-keeper and the Czech striker, but their poor contribution was caused mostly by injury, and disgraceful off-field behaviour of opponents. The Captain did his best.

Of course, it’s disappointing when your team gets stuffed in an important match. But the Season is still going on, and if the moaning attitude doesn’t stop, the team could end up being relegated. There’s still everything to play for.

The problem is that you have an excellent Team Captain, but as he was trained in the West London Upper League, spending time with the Bullingdon Lodge, many of the solid team-supporters from around the regions can’t quite get what he’s on about.

Allow me fill in the gaps in what Cameron is saying, for you.

You guys can start pulling the wall down, and I won’t send in the cops or the army. The judges will be overridden by the Sovereignty of Parliament, or other pressures we can deploy.

If the Feds send in the cops or the army from over there, the political consequences would be big enough to bring a majority referendum for out.

Now come on, Fellas. Play your part of the game. And stop yer moaning. This is the big EUSSR match we’ve been talking about a long time. We know how to deal with USSRs. We sorted one of those not all that long ago. The best tactic is to take apart their defensive wall, by getting their excessive number coaches all falling out with each other.

The match team talk will be delayed until after the supporters have chosen the new manager and directors. The last ones have unfortunately bankrupted the Club. Don’t worry, we have backers from City. Later this year, betting on The Metric League Cup is expected to swing heavily in favour of the Martyrs. Chin up, Lads, and get back to work.’

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6 Responses to “Eurosceptics Plan Their Next Match”

  1. JR says:

    Dear Mr TAP,

    I note you have 0 comments on your BLOG. Frankly that is because your towing the TORY TURNCOAT (TRAITOR) LINE you Richard HEAD!!

    Dave = Blair = Same sh*t differnt day!!

  2. tapestry says:

    Eric Arthur Blair? You know of him? Yes you are right, JR, but it’s meant to be a secret.

    Blair is Dave’s favourite author, and the basis for all his political beliefs.

    My head is full of crap, you are so right. That’s why I blog every day to get some of it out. Thanks for calling.

  3. Anonymous says:

    JR is right.

    You are a fucking cunt. You were wrong about the Irish no vote and you are wrong about Cameron. He is a cunt like you. Lisbon is an outrage and the only thing I want to hear from the cunt politicians is when they are repealing the 1972European Communities Act.

    Fuck off you simpleton and stop polluting the EU ref blogspot with your fucking stupid opinions.

    Tap you are a 1st class Wanker.

  4. tapestry says:

    Irish referendum result…..

    don’t agree. you obviously don’t read blogs before insulting them.

    European Communities Act… –

    quite agree.

    that comment was lucky to get through. a little bit aggressive in style, but I’m in a sympathetic mood. I guess being a parent to teenagers has been good practice for editing blog comments.

    no more swearing please. just make your point.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Cameron is a Europhile. He has no intention of dismantling any bureaucracy so just wake up.

    You cannot get us out of the EU if you vote for a party committed to being in it.

    That is pure sophistry, arguing black is white. The only way out is to vote for a party that will repeal the EC Act 1972.

    Re:Irish referendum – you said repeatedly you were optimistic. You overlooked the fact that the EU rigged the result. They would do that in the UK too. The Tories are not going to rock the boat.

    I get so frustrated with all of your Jesuitical nonsense on North’s blog. It is pure optimism. Try some realism instead.

  6. tapestry says:

    I just wrote this on Conservative Home in reply to Denis Cooper raising similar points in more gentlemanly style .

    In Cameron’s speech on Thursday he used the example of the WTD causing deaths of mothers and babies in maternity units.

    I’ll leave the legality to lawyers.

    Rebellion starts not from asking what is legal or illegal, but from asking what is right and what is not right.

    From that start position, the situation can be addressed by a combination of negotiation with the law-making body (a normal part of the democratic process) to effect a change, or if the law-making body is unwilling to listen, by campaigning to swing public opinion behind change.

    A Prime Minister would have other options if he wished, for example, refusing to comply with laws as part and parcel of renegotiating, or even in challenging the powers of the law making body by holding a referendum.

    Politics is about momentum. A combination of events, confrontations, campaigns and negotiations would build up into a movement, which could only be heading towards one result – exit from the EU power structure.

    In war, political contest and other battles, humanity can make enormous progress against enemies by keeping up morale.

    Do try!

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