Eurosceptic Cameron Is Dismissed

The Hung Parliament narrative is now unstoppable.

Since Cameron opened up his anti-Lisbon front, the Hung Parliament threat has been manufactured out of the blue. Polls are being rigged. Byelections too, to create the narrative.

With Cameron 15% ahead in reputable polls, the manipulators are now so confident that they get election results delivered on demand that they have decided to create a Hung Parliament to stop Cameron from taking on the Lisbon Treaty through renegotiation.

The extraordinary thing is to see commentators reacting as if all this is entirely normal. In a way it is. No one gives a shit about the whole situation, because they cannot understand it. Cameron will be sent packing. Britain will be in the Euro withing two years and no Conservative government will be permitted to win an election ever again.

We are ruled through deception and manipulation.

Until people wake up and realise what is happening, they will get away with it.

Cameron is over before he’s even started. If only UKIP, BNP and the Greens could see how they are being used, but they are more interested in their own little games than the big picture.

The way to fight back is to explain to people that expectations are being manipulated to make the coming rigging of the general election appear to be as if normal, producing the ‘éxpected’ result.

Here is the MSM game explained. – This is all total bollocks.

The ‘HP’ narrative started two weeks ago.

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4 Responses to “Eurosceptic Cameron Is Dismissed”

  1. Anonymous says:

    It is the Tories who are splitting the patriotic Eurosceptic vote NOT the BNP and UKIP.

    Vote for what you believe not for what you will believe in 5 years if you are let down by moderate PR men and crooks like Cameron.

    For real progress, the Tories need to be destroyed.

  2. tapestry says:

    If Cameron was silent on Europe, people might try to deduce his views and decide, with the lack of any statement that they were europhile.

    But he has openly declared a policy of repatriation of powers, and a determination to ensure that Parliamentary Sovereignty is re-established.

    To accuse a political party of having a fraudulent policy, requiring its destruction is a very long shot.

    The Europhiles are reacting against Cameron powerfully, no longer trusting him after his ‘Lisbon’speech. The MSM are removing their backing (Bar The Sun), and are running with the new Hung Parliament narrative.

    A Hung Parliament will not destroy the Conservative Party. It’s an attempt to bring Cameron to heel and stop him undermining the EU.

    Join the europhile campaign by backing EUKIP if you like.

    But please don’t go round believing or saying you are helping the eurosceptic cause by destroying Cameron and the Conservatives.

    Britain’s enemies would be proud of you.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Cameron has openly declared an undeliverable policy of repatriation of powers. He is a fraud.

    How are UKIP Europhile for wanting out of the EU?

    If the Tories were proper Eurosceptics they would give us a referendum.

    Britain’s enemies (aka the EU) are proud of Cameron. I do not care what they think of me. He is the one splitting the Eurosceptic vote, not me. If he wanted my vote he should have worked for it harder.

    The Hung Parliament ‘narrative’, as you disgustingly call it with that horrid Marxist phrase, is the reality and it exists because Cameron went back on his cast iron guarantee.

    When the Tories start behaving like real conservatives I will vote for them.

    Meantime, your bullshit is not convincing anyone to get off their arse and vote for Cameron.

  4. tapestry says:

    Cameron has the stick of an In/Out referendum up his sleeve, so he has leverage. There are millions of people like you and me who are highly motivated to get out of the EU.

    If Cameron is power, we have potential influence. Otherwise forget it.

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