Cameron’s Moment Has Arrived

Moments sometimes arrive in history when a man has a great chance to change the course of events. Cameron is facing exactly one of those moments now. How will he fare? Will he duck out? Will he confront destiny and show courage? The cards are all in his hands.

A referendum on the EU is needed at some point regardless of the Lisbon Treaty fraud by Clegg, Blair and Brown.

Cameron needs time to renegotiate, and he should make sure a referendum is held to approve or not approve the result of the renegotiations.

This he could promise now and state a suitable time limit for the referendum to be held. It can only be an in/out vote, and it could be held within 6 months from a 2nd Conservative victory at the latest.

Cameron would do better to take a ride on the outcry over his abandoning the referendum on the Lisbon Treaty, and lay out a new structured programme for people to live within.

Otherwise I fear he will be politically wounded. The ball has never been so firmly in anyone’s court. Most fear he will slide away and duck the issue. Let’s hope the people who created this poster are wrong.

UPDATE – Fraser Nelson on Newsnight was proposing exactly the same as I came up with on CH comments and as on here. Am I writing the script? What else is there? I see no other proposals.

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