Wicked Witch Combo Handbags Cameron

Two articles in today’s broadsheets give a new angle to the Lisbon Treaty negotiations going on between David Cameron, Vaclav Klaus and others. Angela Merkel tried to put pressure on Cameron recently by threatening a ‘downgrading’ of relations with the Conservatives, if Cameron started to unpick the Lisbon Treaty. These moves ceased fairly quickly once it was realised that Merkel publicly attacking Cameron was adding rocket fuel to Conservative support, and a rapid closing of eurosceptic ranks.

So this time the internationalists have brought out another Wicked Witch from inside the wardrobe, this time, the one From The West, Hillary Clinton.

The Guardian explains –

The shadow foreign secretary, William Hague, is to meet the US secretary of state, Hillary Clinton, in Washington amid concern in the Obama administration about the Conservatives’ European policy and Jewish outrage at their alliance with far-right parties with alleged antisemitic and neo-Nazi links.

There is growing unease in the White House that David Cameron’s Euroscepticism could undermine the ability of a Conservative government to influence events in the EU, threatening to weaken Britain in the eyes of the US.

Clinton, while anxious not be seen to be interfering in a domestic election, has discussed the issue informally in Europe.”

And The Times too –

“The Obama Administration has voiced concern that Conservative plans to unpick the Lisbon treaty would cause a rupture between Europe and a British government led by David Cameron. Diplomatic sources on both sides of the Atlantic have told The Times that the issue was discussed when Hillary Clinton, the Secretary of State, held talks with Gordon Brown and David Miliband on her visit to Europe last week.” .

Cameron’s kneejerk response to this combined assault from both the Witches, Merkel and Clinton, has been to launch a programme of women only shortlists, which have filled the airwaves drowning Europhile tut-tutting and frowning about the threat to Lisbon, and all the talk of NAZIs in the closet at the ECR. Brilliant PR move by Cameron, in my opinion.

If it became known that Hillary Clinton was trying to strong-arm Cameron into dropping his referendum promise on the Lisbon Treaty, it would also add rocket fuel to his support, just as with Merkel. Come on, Hillary. Make our day!

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Clinton pulls her punches. Handbag did not feature in her meeting with Hague. Cop-out. Only in The Guardian does the (e)utopian fantasy still live on, where anyone gives a shit about the Lisbon Treaty and its fraudulent application to British voters. Hillary Clinton is maybe more intelligent than we thought. maybe..

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Hilbill Clinton should really get her own house in order. So Monica said anyway!

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