Roger Helmer Fires A Salvo

Roger writes on his blog –

We have said that we will set out our policy (on Lisbon) in our general election manifesto, so why not now?

It looks merely like capricious procrastination to delay.

Ken’s advice to avoid a row is good advice.

The best way to avoid a row is –

(A) to set out a clear and unequivocal policy in line with the deeply-held convictions of the great majority of the Party; and

(B) for the tiny minority of Europhiles in our midst to take a self-denying ordinance, and keep quiet.

But Roger – what about the rest of the country that has to elect Cameron, not just the Party?

Are they ready to hear six long months of the BBC attacking Cameron at every turn?

I know it’s been years of frustrations waiting for this moment, but to kill the Treaty will need one excellently carried out coup, and a long drawn out rebellion, facing down daily media squalls.

Don’t expect a quick coup de grace. Get ready to dig in. Take our time. This is cat and mouse stuff, not an artillery exercise – or a joust !

PICTURE – Roger on left, with historian Rupert Matthews in middle plus a.n.other.

Forgive me for seeing the funny side of all this, but why is it that the EU’s enemies and its friends are both equally desperate for Cameron to declare his hand over the Lisbon treaty right now?

You would have thought that one side or the other would be for and the other against him taking up position to fight.

(Times cartoon)

The anti-Lisbon faction wants relief from anxiety, so they can get into battle positions for a major punch-up. The pro-EU want Cameron to show weak resistance which they can easily overpower. They still believe the Blair theory that Cameron will only put up token resistance sufficient to keep his activists quiet. But they too are getting anxious and want Cameron to get on with it.

But Cameron is the leader, not the activists in his party, or the media. He is playing them all a dance, getting people like Milliband and Brown to make mistakes attacking him, or Pickles, for a eurosceptic stance, and he can simply sidestep them and the BBC for as long as he wants.

He is playing a massive tease, wrong-footing the media, Labour EUtopians and many more. Look at his worried face but see through to his smiling eyes, peering out. they give the real message.

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  1. The A.N. Other in the photo with myself and Roger is Andre Savage, a county councillor in Northamptonshire and an all round good guy. We are at the battlefield of Northampton – which explains the gear.

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