Proportional Representation in the UK? They’ll never do it!

The results from the UK’s Electon for the European Parliament tell a story.

Conservative 4,198,394 27.7

UK Independence Party 2,498,226 16.5

Labour 2,381,760 15.7

Liberal Democrats 2,080,613 13.7

Green Party 1,303,745 8.6

British National Party 943,598 6.2

Scottish National Party 321,007 2.1

Plaid Cymru 126,702 0.8

English Democrats 279,801 1.8

Christian Party “Proclaiming Christ’s Lordship”** 249,493 1.6

Socialist Labour Party 173,115 1.1

No2EU – Yes to Democracy 153,236 1.0

Jury Team 78,569 0.5

United Kingdom First 74,007 0.5

Libertas 73,544 0.5

Independents – all very small.

Here’s why Britain will never have Proportional Representation. There are only three Europhile Parties – Labour, Lib Dem and SNP. The voting figures from the 2009 European elections show that their vote totals at 4.5 million. All the other parties are eurosceptic or withdrawalist. Their votes add up to 10 million.

Why would Labour and Lib Dem want a voting system that would consign them to a 2 to 1 disadvantage? They won’t.

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